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Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic And Correctional Center

Alyssa D Bustamante 1234604

1101 East Highway 54

Vandalia, Missouri 63382

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Alyssa Peace

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You've won my attention, Alyssa. I'm intrigued. For reasons unknown to most, I find you and your story fascinating. Someday, I hope you'll be free. Till then, don't let any of it get you down, kid. You're bigger and better than that. Prove it to the world.

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fuck everyone who hates you , i hope you'll be free soon as possible , i want too meet you

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compared to the Feb 8th shot,
she has much more tan in her face

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did she ever use bath salts?

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btw, prozac is very very similar to zoloft, and luvox, the drugs that eric harris and dylan klebold were on when they perpetrated the columbine massacre. (although, honestly, Im glad columbine happened, as it helped thin out the population a little)

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I even ate a whole bottle of nutmeg once, chasing it down with beer and energy drinks

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I was on 80 milligrams of prozac for 8 months.... It was very very scary. I threatend my parents with a knife, I believed I was posessed by the serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, and I compulsivly abused any drugs I could find, rubbing alcohol, cough syrup, benzedrex, loratadine, vicodin, xanax, ambien, adderall, cocaine, salvia, klonopin, valium, lots of pot, ecstacy, lortab, norco anything I could get my hands on

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