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The trial of Alyssa Bustamante has been pushed to September. Jury selection will now begin September 13.

Defense attorneys for Bustamante cited another trial as one of the main reasons they requested a continuance from the previously set June 1 trial date.

Bustamante's primary defense attorneys, Charlie Moreland, is representing another first degree murder case in Joplin. The trial in Joplin began earlier this month, but a situation caused the trial to last longer than expected.

They also said their primary investigator was leaving to work for the U.S. Marshals and they were unsure if they could have the expert pieces of their defense in place by June 1.

The trial had already been pushed back. It was scheduled for May 16, but it was pushed to June 1 in February. At that time, the defense asked that cameras not be allowed in the courtroom.

Bustamante is accused of first degree murder in the death of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten. Bustamante, who is currently 17, was 14 at the time of the murder. Police said she planned to kill Olten, who was a neighbor. Olten was the subject of a massive hunt through the woods near her house. Eventually, Bustamante allegedly led investigators to Olten's body in a shallow hole in the wooded area. Investigators testified that they believe she dug the hole the night before Olten went missing.

>> No.2  

So she's been waiting 3 years to see how the rest of her life will turn out?

That sucks.

>> No.3  


That's a typical legal procedure, cases take a long time to be heard. She isn't a special little snowflake she has to go through the system like everyone else.

>> No.4  

She's a special, little, sweet jagged snowflake.

>> No.5  


This kind of homicide isn't unusual at all.


>> No.6  

Meh, alyssa's story is interesting because she had no real motive.

>> No.7  


Same goes for a lot of teen killers, the only difference here is that we can find photos of her.

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