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Today is going pretty good.

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blue hair?

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Don't nobody knows my troubles but god.

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what's the rest of crackyhouse listening to?

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Song somewhat related.

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They utilise the most attractive lasses in their propaganda.
So, is anyone here a National Bolshevik?

>> No.76

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oh shit



and for the sick kunts

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Shroud doesn't care about CP being posted.
Stay classy.

>> No.9  

Biased much? and what a way to extract sentences out of context, considering the conversation was several pages long. Shroud's point was that he didn't care if alex being a pedophile was true or not (statement that was made in .71), but that he would take the opportunity to troll him, in order to make him leave... since alex thought shroud was the one who made the comment in .71, he was lashing out at him, and shroud was taking the credit for the comment purposefully to make alex angry...

TL;DR: Shroud was trolling Alex hoping he would leave. Didn't work, get over it.

>> No.10  

It sort of did. He got so angry he gave up and left.

Additionally, just so you all know, it's our fault Alex hates us all, because when he comes to us for help because he is feeling "paranoid", we take his unprovoked attacks personally instead of seeing through them to the underlying pain.

>> No.11  

who the fuck cares about alex? this is not a general psychology office... it's not our duty to help him and he has no business here.. he keeps coming back because he loves attention. that's why he was so pissed at shrout its because he believed his "image" was getting tarnished or whatever

we are all in pain more or less alex is just an asshole who literally has nowhere else to go troll

>> No.12  

My thoughts exactly. If a fish felt in need of comfort, the last place it would go would be the shark tank.
I have no doubt at all that Alex is lurking at least 90% of the time. He says he's flounced for good, but if his name comes up in conversation, he come out of nowhere.

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File: 1341816185417.jpg -(29907 B, 350x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oldest Gold Necklace in Peru, 4000yo,

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File: 1341816303931.jpg -(21781 B, 530x353) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oldest Bracelet, 45000yo, Chloritolite

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File: 1341816395812.jpg -(73970 B, 537x402) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oldest Purse, 4200yo, Studded Dog Teeth

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File: 1341816489728.jpg -(38037 B, 350x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oldest Dress, 2400yo, Straw

>> No.42  
File: 1341816841362.jpg -(175387 B, 855x449) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oldest Shoe, 5000yo, Leather, Size 7 US woman

All In All A Lovely Ensemble

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Our Cracky, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy User Names;
They Catharsis come,
They Will be done,
on boards as it is in The Wire.
Give us this day our daily rarez,
and forgive us for our flaming,
as we forgive those who have flamed us;
and lead us not into camwhores,
but deliver us from Boxxy. Amen.

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File: 1341769142557.jpg -(125558 B, 300x425) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hail Cracken, full of grace.
The Sky Queen's with thee.
Blessed art thou among Octopods,
and blessed are thy apendages,
Holy Cracken, daughter of Eos,
pray for us Crackyfags,
now and at the hour of our death,

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File: 1341769782245.png -(744 B, 54x75) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Craken of the Sea, my guardian dear
to whom Cracky's love commits me here,
ever this board bring to the light,
please come back to guard and guide.

File: 1341698204501.jpg -(77527 B, 597x799) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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So i just had the marvellous idea to hit up some oldfag on aim, abyss. Not that any of you remember him. But somehow he had blocked away cracky, and in his case it was for the better, so he decided not to come back. He had one question: is cracky doing fine nowadays? The answer to that is probably yes. You all have his regards.

This brings us to the question of today: are you better of than in 2008 (when he left)? Or did nothing improve (even yourself?), or did your world crumble in the meantime?

>> No.2  

got myself a hobby, stayed long enough with the same people as to maybe be considered their friend, got a job, quit whining about girls, so yes.

>> No.3  

In 2008 I decided to get the hell out of my shitty country, get my shit together and did so in 2009. I abandoned the Crackyverse for almost three years. I wanted to study biology and become a scientist, do something useful with my life. I got into a "Life is ultimately pointless & there is no real purpose of life on the bigger picture" crisis and decided that becoming a scientist would be pointless... then I got a good job, which I put out with beacuse of the amount of money, but I quit because my boss was a harassing faggot (as in, actually homosexual), and I didn't know enough german to file a complaint. Afterwards I got a shitty job in a pet store, which was awful so I quit that too. Before quitting this last job, this year, I returned (March), realizing the truth... nobody ever stops loving Cracky, no matter how hard you try... she just stays in your head.

I'm living out of my savings now, but I have the Cracken, so I'm ok.

>> No.4  

I don't even remember who abyss was. Anyway '08...

I enlisted in the army was in iet for about a year and a half. Got shredded, got a girl, realized she was a stupid bitch, my sister killed herself which got my own depression back to when I was in school, I tried to kill myself a few more times, I was in a coma for a while, as soon a I regained consciousness they start a series of ECT which made me black out and fought the orderlies, another time I came to I was fighting the cops, ended up meeting a really fantastic girl in the nuthous, when I got released I hit her up
and we have been dating ever since. I have money stacked, a house to live in when I ETS, it's been ups and downs but it was experiencs and the really ain't nothing else to the human equation.

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Someone asked me “what does it feel like to be loved” recently and I gave a pretty poor answer, sorry. Just it’s really hard to define, but it came to me in the weirdest way today. Since I’m moving I’ve been reflecting a lot upon the relationships that I have with people (purely platonic in nature). I didn’t realise until now, a few days before leaving, how much a few people care about me and how much I actually do care for them too. One girl in particular, she’s just so nice (‘nice’ is such a terrible word) it’s indescribable, I rarely make real connections with people and when I do I think they’re really important and she’s one of those few people. Now, a lot of people can compliment you and say really nice things but sometimes it’s the things that are small that people say that make you realise they love you (again, this is love in a platonic sense). I was having a conversation with said friend on the nature of love, which is a pleasant coincidence, and somehow she managed to fit in “You have such beautiful underarms.” It’s only today that I realise that people only comment on little things about you if they honestly care. It felt as if a little weight had been lifted off of me simply because someone cares.

For a better example take waifu, she’s probably the sweetest most loyal girl I’ve ever met and I didn’t truly realise the extent of the ‘love’ that we have until she stayed at my house after a meet. I tried to make alcoholic sweets and it just didn’t work and they were probably the most disgusting things that I’ve ever made, which is kind of not the point. The point is she tried to eat them but was too tired. Then she posted a valentine for me on the loli-valentines comm and it was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read, I think it was the line “Next time I’ll eat all of the jelly worms” that really got me. It’s an uplifting feeling, it’s not a feeling that lasts forever but it’s one that shows itself from time to time and takes you away from yourself for a little while.

I’m only describing platonic love because I don’t want to go on forever and love is too complex to describe in its entirety. I probably sound creepy but I don’t really care. I wasn’t going to post this until waifu (I just don’t know if I can use her real name on my tumblr…) messaged me trying to cheer me up and referenced the gummy worms.

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>> No.13  


Relevant As Fuck.

>> No.14  

is it love if u help some one commit a crime just so they wont get caught?

>> No.15  

You might do that because you love someone but I wouldn't say that it is a definition of love.

>> No.16  


how can an act of love not b, in at least some way, a definition of love? like,can u do something brave and then b told that it wasnt an act bravery?

anyways, i didnt do it out of love. i did it cuz i couldnt talk them out of it and i didnt want them to get caught. but after reading OP i wondered if i did it out of platonic love without realizing it beause i think it falls under 'putting urself in harms way to protect someone else' and i think that is a defenition of love to a degree.

im also noticing that its easier to think of instances of platonic love with females then it is with males. is it cuz m/m platonic love less frequent or mayb more subtle then m/f or f/f acts of platonic love?

>> No.17  

On second thought, you're right. I think when it comes to men and platonic love they find it harder to express because of some cultural boundaries people have. I suspect that in your culture it's not as ok to show your love to the same sex, whereas in Europe we are able to do so without the fear of being seen as gay, though this applies more to the mainland. I think there is a lot of platonic love between males but it's often held back for fear of being labeled as 'gay'.

With regard to females it seems we can just do as we wish without it being labeled as homosexual, which really isn't fair.

What you did was an expression of love and that's great.

File: 1341671538964.jpg -(59482 B, 669x460) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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240k/m through a 50 zone, OOPS. Raced down a few suburban streets and parked down the end of a long driveway. Walked out. Cops swarming all over the place.

Like a boss.

Pic related.


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>> No.10  


Aka 14 MPG aka daily stop at the petrol station amirite?
jking bra.

The only thing you're missing is a sequential transmission.

>> No.11  

Wow, thats a lot of hillbillies

>> No.12  

holy shit what a massive faggot

fucking cars nigga

>> No.13  


> I'll figure out how to mount my gopro on the dash and upload a vid.


>> No.14  


Implying normal people can take corners with 240k/m

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who of you fags is this?

>> No.2  

404. Next time save image or get screencap. Noob.

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