>> No.2  

[6:25 PM] alex: we got on fine for a while
[6:25 PM] ophelia: Alex, you're becoming obsessed with me in a way those Jew haters get obsessed with Jews.
[6:25 PM] shroud: alex, please answer my question. I will post a thread about Cracky, mostly to get feedback
[6:25 PM] alex: but you honestly are the most extreme case of utter narcissism I have ever encountered
[6:26 PM] shroud: on a videogame hack I'm making
[6:26 PM] ophelia: He just wants to destroy CH.
[6:26 PM] shroud: will you post there?
[6:26 PM] ophelia: I'm not kidding, he hates Cracky and everyone involved.
[6:26 PM] cyans: actualy, it's sorta zionist isn't it... the rm101 refugees
[6:26 PM] ophelia: lold
[6:26 PM] alex: Well, as Decline said, Shroud, if you just bang down 10 old Cracky photos
[6:26 PM] ophelia: WHY CAN'T PEOPLE DO THAT?
[6:26 PM] alex: and start smirking "hahha Alex has been proven wrong"
[6:26 PM] ophelia: Is that not good enough for Princess Alex?
[6:26 PM] alex: yes, I probably will butt in
[6:26 PM] shroud: read what I just posted, it's "videogame hack". It'll be 100% orignal content, never seen
[6:26 PM] shroud: before
[6:27 PM] ophelia: Can't repost old photos because Princess Alex doesn't like it.
[6:27 PM] shroud: nobody has seen it before
[6:27 PM] raitoningu: Why do you care so much to be right? blinks
[6:27 PM] shroud: because i'm creating it
[6:27 PM] shroud: from scratch
[6:27 PM] alex: If you actually have something to SAY about the proposed subject of this board, fine
[6:27 PM] ophelia: Jesus, everything must be OKd with Alex before you can post...
[6:27 PM] raitoningu: Matters of principle on a Cracky board. Will wonders never cease.
[6:27 PM] shroud: no, you are missing my point again Alex
[6:27 PM] alex: but your "threat" to do a Cracky thread has only arisen in the context of this argument
[6:27 PM] shroud: no alex
[6:27 PM] raitoningu: Guys, guys, guys...
[6:27 PM] alex: so as I say, your intentions dont seem sincere
[6:27 PM] raitoningu: Step 1. Highlight Alex's name.
[6:27 PM] shroud: i've been planning it since yesterday
[6:28 PM] raitoningu: Step 2. Click ignore.
[6:28 PM] shroud: and it has nothing to do with you
[6:28 PM] raitoningu: Step 3: Profit
[6:28 PM] shroud: raitin can back me up in this one
[6:28 PM] ophelia: iI've done it.
[6:28 PM] shroud: it's about Crackyvania
[6:28 PM] ophelia: I can't see him now, wooo.
[6:28 PM] raitoningu: Now we can get back to our "lovely dovey community bullshit"
[6:28 PM] cyans: home time bai
[6:28 PM] raitoningu: Lovey Dovey Community Bullshit is the name of my Vampire Weekend cover band.
[6:28 PM] shroud: anyway, my point is: I think your point is that Crackyhouse has derailed from it's purpose
[6:28 PM] ophelia: Awww, Raito, you so kawaii.
[6:28 PM] shroud: to adore Cracky. Am I right on this?
[6:29 PM] raitoningu: I am the worst person I know, Lia <3
[6:29 PM] shroud: that's your complaint
[6:29 PM] cyans left the room.
[6:29 PM] alex: no, not really
[6:29 PM] raitoningu: Shroud almost sounds insane talking to no one doesn't he?