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[6:29 PM] shroud: then?
[6:29 PM] shroud: lol hah
[6:29 PM] alex: I certainyl never wanted to adore Cracky
[6:29 PM] alex: but I sure as hell want to adore Lia less
[6:29 PM] shroud: this is not about you alex, I've been here way longer.... and i asure you
[6:29 PM] alex: and that is what its about now
[6:29 PM] ophelia: He does.
[6:29 PM] shroud: the purpose of Crackyhouse is to talk about cracky
[6:29 PM] alex: I dont want another 71
[6:30 PM] shroud: this -IS- another 71
[6:30 PM] shroud: where 71 was aplace to find more about Cracky
[6:30 PM] raitoningu: You know, I honestly think the site has evolved beyond that.
[6:30 PM] alex: I would like a forum where peple engage with one another with wit, civility and intelligen
[6:30 PM] alex: ce
[6:30 PM] shroud: CHouse was meant to fictionalize the idea more
[6:30 PM] raitoningu: It's more of a circle-jerk about the cracky fandom
[6:30 PM] alex: about issues raised by the whole Cracky / online love thing
[6:30 PM] shroud: alex, then you are looking in the wrong place!
[6:30 PM] shroud: this has never been, and will never be that place
[6:30 PM] raitoningu: Me, honestly, I could not give a shit about Cracky. I wish there wasn't ANY site dedicated
[6:30 PM] raitoningu: to that poor girl
[6:30 PM] shroud: that place is 71
[6:31 PM] shroud: .71 was meant around the phenomenon
[6:31 PM] shroud: CH was meant for the hopeless fans
[6:31 PM] alex: It clearly isnt 71, Shroud
[6:31 PM] shroud: to create content around a notion
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[6:31 PM] shroud: was is, is not necessarily what it was meant to be
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[6:31 PM] alex: I go to both places often enough to see that they are as different as Judaism and Catholic
[6:31 PM] alex: ism
[6:31 PM] shroud: a forum for intelligent discussion was never the purpose for Crackyhouse
[6:32 PM] ophelia left the room.
[6:32 PM] shroud: which begs the question
[6:32 PM] alex: well, adoration is 71 s thing
[6:32 PM] shroud: wait, i need to get up, sec
[6:32 PM] alex: three years ago this was, sometmes, a place for wit, civilty and intelligence
[6:32 PM] alex: I havent made a constructive post for two years
[6:33 PM] alex: because that time is clearly past
[6:33 PM] shroud: back