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[6:33 PM] shroud: ok, challenge:
[6:33 PM] shroud: start a thread about whatever you want to discuss about
[6:33 PM] shroud: no ophelia, no kimi, no rav rav
[6:33 PM] shroud: don't insult anyone, don't flame
[6:33 PM] shroud: you'll realized that users DO want to engage in discussion
[6:33 PM] shroud: as long as it's not a personal attack
[6:34 PM] alex: that sounds a bit like the scene in the new Nanni Moretti film
[6:34 PM] shroud: never heard of her/him
[6:34 PM] raitoningu: Creepers gonna creeeeeeep
[6:34 PM] alex: where they call in apsychoanalyst to analze the Pope
[6:34 PM] alex: and tell him he cant talk about sex, childhood or dreams
[6:34 PM] shroud: so, are you implying your duty is to talk about lia, kimi, mousie or lava?
[6:35 PM] shroud: is that all you are?
[6:35 PM] alex: I certainly don't want to post about Lia at this point
[6:35 PM] shroud: another fanboy?
[6:35 PM] shroud: so, then what is wrong with my idea?
[6:35 PM] alex: but I find the Kimi / RavRav relation to be a very interesting religious mystery
[6:35 PM] raitoningu: Troll is gonna troooolllll
[6:35 PM] alex: read the posts I made about them on 71
[6:36 PM] alex: I think posts of that type are a very interesting way of continuing the "Cracky
[6:36 PM] alex: problematic"
[6:36 PM] shroud: mmm
[6:36 PM] shroud: ok, I'll read them later
[6:36 PM] shroud: now, I have to play league for a while
[6:36 PM] alex: yes, you should
[6:36 PM] alex: they are not flaming
[6:37 PM] shroud: I will read them after a couple hours, I'm leaving the chat for a while
[6:37 PM] shroud: and hey
[6:37 PM] alex: they are serious attempts to consider this interesting probllem
[6:37 PM] shroud: I do believe you can contribute to making CH a better place
[6:37 PM] shroud: but anger is never solution
[6:37 PM] guest-217381 entered the room.
[6:37 PM] shroud: you are old and smart enought to know that
[6:37 PM] alex: of the "religious" status of a friendship between someone who "walked with
[6:37 PM] alex: Cracky"
[6:37 PM] shroud: enlightment never comes from violence
[6:37 PM] shroud: gotta go, see you later
[6:37 PM] shroud left the room.
[6:37 PM] alex: and someone who is often cited as a "worthless cam-whore who has no place in the Crackyver
[6:37 PM] alex: se"
[6:38 PM] raitoningu: Mmmmm, silence.
[6:38 PM] raitoningu: joined the group whiteboard.
[6:38 PM] alex: as we can see, THAT conversation was becoming a little too civil and constructive
[6:39 PM] alex: for your gang, Raiton
[6:39 PM] alex: they ve all left
[6:39 PM] alex: I suppose you will now too

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