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It's finally here. Cracky's long-awaited full-length debut album. After a string of insanely popular single releases, creating "Cracky Mania", the next level has arrived. This album was released in Japan September 23, 2008. The defining singles appear, we well as plenty of new songs.

This CD is selling out everywhere in Japan, with fanatics waiting all night outside of stores. Isolated conflicts and fights have been taking place all day. The police now have a presence at all of the larger retailers in Shibuya and other cities.

Track 1 : Doushite

This is the single that started it all. A powerful, painful ballad full of intrinsic, intangible emotion. There's not much to say about this song that hasn't already been said. Utterly bittersweet and superb.

Track 2 : Tsuki no Hikari

Cracky's voice is crystal clear in this song. You can feel her voice pierce through the hardest of physical and mental shells.

Track 3 : Kotoba

Cracky's music seems to have this very unique quality of being beautiful, depressing and bursting with genuinely real emotion. Kotoba continues this trend.

Track 4 : Shinjiru

Cracky's genre and style in full effect. This song switches from high to low often, leading the listener on a journey into themselves.

Track 5 : CRACKIES

This song is very different from Cracky's others. "CRACKIES" is more in the style of the earlier "Stars". The different, alternative Cracky sound. Fans of this sound will find a real treat in this song.

In a rare collaboration, Cracky collaborates with two other singers, Keiko and Misaki. The story of this collaboration is unique in and of itself. Cracky was walking around the country-side in Japan one day and met the two struggling girls. Keiko and Misaki were on the side of the road singing to try to earn some money. Cracky liked their sound, thought they were a good match and decided to record a song with them.

All three girls wore the trademark Cracky make-up while recording the song. The group says that "Crackies" are people that are lost in the world.

Cracky sings very differently, an interesting contrast to her other songs. As stated before, this is similar to her "Stars" style. The reason for this, according to Cracky, is partly to match the other girls; emulating the Japanese sound. It is also to fit the "Cracky" image, another personality.

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