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Does anybody have more pics of this "cracky-chan" person who somebody keeps posting pictures of? She's adorable. Who is she? Where can I find out more about her? Where are all these fuckin pictures coming from anyway???

(p.s. Do you think she'd be mad if I masturbated to some of these pictures?)

>> No.2  

only if you post hi-res pics of finished product (i'm rather into that shit).

>> No.3  

I think I can post my story here:

It has been two months since I have found out about Cracky-chan's AIM sn.
Don't ask me how I did that, some things are better left untold. Anyway,
we got in contact, or rather: I contacted her and she responded. I tried to
be all cool and hurrhurr-in-cheek with her (if you know what I mean) but
of course she saw through my act from the start.
You can fool every other idiot on /b/ but you cannot fool Cracky-chan,
especially not when face to face (or should I say: P2P?). I am sure in the
few days that we were chatting for hours and hours she got a real good
idea of who I really was.
So one day while I was babbling away, trying to make myself look like the best
thing since sliced bread served with roast beef by talking about "those
fucking furries" and "that one new program I installed recently",
she interrupted me by saying: "Have you ever done anal?"

I was kinda put off and shocked at first. I am not going to tell you her
real age but a young girl approaching me like that just shocked me for
a second or two. Then I regained my cool and answered that yes, me
and my ex-gf tried it once but she didn't like that so that had been
the end of that. What came next had me baffled again: "Want to try

me: try again? you mean you and me?
her: no, you and your mom
me: lol what
me: so you really mean you and me?
me: hello?
her: yes, you and me, dumbass.
me: you're saying you'd let me do you up the ass?
her: more like you will let me do you up the ass
her: i already got the lube and the strap-on, you just gotta haul
your ass over here

It's kinda hard to make a decision when you're having a massive
hard-on without knowing what to do with it at first. So I want to say
that it wasn't really my decision when I packed my bit of shit together
and hopped into the next train. I pretty much knew from that moment
when I said "okay" (although I don't really remember that moment)
that I was completely hers. Trapped in a web of, yes, retarded internet
lust. I'll be the first to admit it. But I am sure most of you would have
done the same.

I've been living with her the last few weeks now. Sometimes we're
sleeping in her bed together but most of the time she makes me
sleep on the floor. The house itself is pretty big. Her parents aren't
there. I don't know where they are and I have never asked about
them. A lot of other people are coming and going, though. Some
are staying for a few days, vanish and come again later. Some of
them even post on /b/, but I won't disclose their identities.
I wouldn't want to make myself unwelcome here. I want to stay
close to Cracky-chan. I know she doesn't want me to get too close
to her, but I don't care as long as she lets me follow her for a
walk outside (the snow is so nice) and as long as I can spread my
ass cheeks for her to invade me.

I feel happy. Some of you may think that I am a sad sod, that I
am crazy for having let go of my appartment, my cheap job,
my so-called friends. I am with Cracky-chan and that is all that
matters to me. And when she holds me by the waist and furiously
thrusts that big black one into my bowels, I simply cannot ask
for anything more on earth.

>> No.4  

4chan ->

>> No.5  

what the fuck is thaT?

>> No.6  

a phallus entering a mouf.

>> No.7  

No, the thing before the ->

>> No.8  

A.) If you want Cracky-chan, she's in /b/. This is News for VIP.
B.) Cracky-chan only posts when she's drunk or high.
C.) It is also possible Cracky-chan will respond to your questions exactly 24 hours after you have sex. Only sex with a human counts. And they have to consent.

>> No.9  

What the fuck is "/b/"????

>> No.10  

http://img.4chan.org/b/ It's /b/, the 'random' section of 4chan. There's quite a lot of ovwerlap between these communities, it seems.

>> No.11  


  1. What the fuck is the deal with this "4chan" thing and other such related entities?
  2. Who the fuck are yuo?
>> No.12  

Last night I masturbated to the mental image of cracky-tan making out with Natalie Portman (as in Léon: The Professional) and slowly caressing each other's bodies while whispering sweet nothingnesses into each other's ears and giggling about 4channers.

>> No.13  

This thread is threadstopped. You can't reply anymore.

>> No.14  

Ugliest piece of shit ever posted to trolltalk. And underage, too.

>> No.15  

You sick fuck. I hope the Slashdot admins do the right thing and report your pedophile ass to the proper authorities before you start raping children.

>> No.16  

too late

>> No.17  

>>1 Internet people

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