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120206 No.1   [Reply]

so like a man,
No tits, no tits,
Would still to touch her bits.

Red nose, red nose,
For us anything goes,
We're lonely and sad,
Not much sex have we had.

Attention-seeking whore,
always wants more,
Trolltalkers supply,
and we all know why.

We all need some muff
We don't get enough
So we post crap on here,
To give us some cheer.

We must realize
that the answer lies
In making amends
To get real girlfriends.

>> No.2  

clap clap clap

>> No.3  

you honestly have no life. and that is fucking pathetic coming from a regular browser of trolltalk. just fucking kill yourself now.

>> No.4  

lol what u dont know who i am. im staying alive now just to spite yuo.

>> No.5  

Actually, some people here are so fuxxored up that having a girlfriend won't help them much. They'd probably be very disappointed by how little exciting the average relationship is, in fact.

>> No.6  

Yeah but if I was dating Cracky Chan we'd do it like 5 times every day! I know I can because that's how often I jerk it.

>> No.7  

>>1 Internet people

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