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>> No.3  


No, Actually, I'm not very sure which one it is. I just grabbed a screen off the net. It looks like the second Nod mission but how is the player using vehicles? Probably a trainer.

Watching the cinematics after all these years is very nostalgic. And Seth getting his brains blown out is a memorable moment. Can't wait till I get to that part of the game.

I also have an improvement patch for CnC Gold that many changes to the game. Itadds 1048x720 res and like hidden music, and a skirmish mode.


This also adds The Covert Operations Game/Soundtrack but to hear those songs you need the Scores.MIX file from the CO CD. (I'll upload that file tomorrow.)

To play The Covert Operations game, you need the CD itself. I dunno how to rip ISOs so I can't help anyone with that.

One last thing: Add that soundtrack to /ether/, the soundtrack I downloaded seems to have been ripped from a shitty CD and they skip a lot.

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