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Olivia Lane (her real name) was born in the town of Oxford near Oxpens on October 12th 1990. Her father, an English professor with a rich family background, was employed in Oxford University at the time and Olivia and her brother (Alex), were thus brought up in the well to do areas of Oxford. When Olivia was 10 though the family returned to their lesser home, settling in the chav suburbs of town.

In her teenage years Olivia was passionate about ice skating and she would devote all her free time and energy to skating (going on to pass her skate instructor exam at the famous Oxford Ice Rink). But 14-year-old Olivia's other great passion in life was photography and she would eventually abandon the skate rink to take self portraits and post them online, to a prestigious website, 4chan. Changing her name to scarecrowmaiden (after her favourite book the wizard of oz ), Olivia began to earn a living as a internet model on livejournal and even went on to star in several pop up ads.

It was around this time that Olivia met, a young man who had also trained as an self portrait photographer. This encounter was to change the course of Olivia's life, for not only Russel became her partner but also a kind of Pygmalion figure, helping her get her career off the ground. Russel, whose ambition was to become a transexual exhibitionist, was also the driving force behind Olivia's amazing photos.

Russel and Olivia teamed up with a large bottle of vodka, and the pair went on to direct Olivia's first success, “Sup 4chan” - a photo set which aged straight to the top of /b/ 's main page as soon as it was released. The video which accompanied the single release, cost the modest sum of 50 pounds, but it would cause a veritable stir in the internet world as it would not be released except in rare .rars. Russel cast Olivia as a kind of provocative Lolita figure, and the model would deliberately cultivate this image in the early days of her career, especially on her début release, “nekofox”. This photo set, taken in 2003 proved to be an immense success, with fans downloading over 1 million copies.

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