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If you think you saw this posted on another website in the past, you are clearly delusional and should seek medical care immediately.

ATTENTION PLOX: It's time we all get our act together; we need to show Lia that she's had an actual positive impact on our lives and in the world. We need to start accomplishing things, and we need to credit our good accomplishments to her. Start with small things, work your way up to larger things, but always say "I did this in the name of Cracky-chan" (as long as it's something she would consider positive).

It's time we work to become better people in all ways -- physically, mentally, socially, morally. It's time for us to give up bad habits in her name, do good deeds in her name, and struggle to improve ourselves in her name. The ultimate goal is to make Lia feel actually proud of one or more of us instead of her usual mix of fear, shame, revulsion, sorrow, disgust, and pity.

I encourage everyone to come up with a way to contribute. Maybe you could do volunteer work, or quit smoking, or quit playing WoW, or register to vote, or give money to charity, or write a letter to your government representative, or run a marathon, or create a great work of art, anything -- the important thing is that you do it because of Lia. Maybe someday one of us will walk on Mars in her name, or cure AIDS in her name, and she will be amazed and we will all look back and remember that this is where we finally got serious about it.

We will be opposed at every step by the majority of Wish who will try to drag us back down to their level of mediocrity and filth, but we will pay them no mind, for we will be striving for a higher purpose whilst they flail about in their own feces trying to taint and destroy anything of value. Let the dead bury their own dead.

Though I hope that others will launch their own projects for this initiate, I will be launching the first project myself:


I'm sure most of us are disgusting fatasses. Let's stop. Let's see how much total weight we can lose in the name of Cracky-chan. How long will it take us collectively to lose an entire Cracky-worth of body fat? Or two Crackies-worth, or three? We will be a moral support system for each other to stay on track & keep the weight off.


  1. Please do not attempt to lose weight if you are not actually overweight. If you still wish to participate but are not overweight, define another metric to track, i.e. reduce body fat percentage, increase muscle mass, decrease your mile-time, increase your bench press, etc. The important thing is that you set a goal, you stick to it, and you do it because of Cracky.
  2. For those in it for weight loss, at the very least, post your starting weight and your goal weight; you may also measure yourself in various other ways if you have the means to do so (body fat percentage, etc). "Before" photos of yourself would be appreciated; posting them now will motivate you to not fail and also let us see later how you've changed.
  3. You will post your progress (or lack thereof) once per week until you have reached your goal, then you will give periodic status updates to verify you're not backsliding.
  4. I recommend each participant post using a tripcode so that your week-to-week results can be accurately identified; if you don't wish to reveal your regular identity, I recommend using a new tripcode solely for this project.
  5. Please confine all messages related to the Wish Weight-Loss Challenge to this thread only; long thread will be long but it's better than flooding the board like Daily IMPoll Gay.
  6. Don't do anything dangerous or stupid. I would suggest consulting your doctor, and would also suggest that any underage b& get their parents' permission, but that's not likely to happen, so just don't do any of the following: starve yourself, take any weird pills, develop an eating disorder, pass out from exercising too much, etc.


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