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I will be the first to sign up for this. I am reasonably good at losing weight but not so good at "keeping it off"; I can lose 80 pounds in about 4-5 months, and in fact I've done so several times in recent years, but I always let myself go again soon after and gain it all back plus more.

Having done some research, I'm going to try to lose weight much more slowly & sustainably this time -- basically stretching it out over two years. My goal weight is 150 pounds, which I have managed to reach twice before, and my current weight is just over 300 (the highest I've ever been), so I'm basically going to be losing just over half my total body weight. Permanence and sustainability are the goal here so I'm going to go for slow & steady this time around -- something like 60 pounds in the first 6 months, 40 pounds in the second 6 months, 30 pounds in the third 6 months, and 20 pounds in the fourth 6 months, for a total of 150 pounds lost over a 24-month period. This should be a lot less difficult and intensive than the past 80-in-4-months weight losses, so risk of a rebound will be much lower

Also, this time it will be doing it for Cracky-chan (imagining her future approval will keep me going), but I will still rely upon the Wish community for support. I will also be aiming for a final body fat percentage of 10%, down from a current 48.5% (as measured by a bioelectrical impedance scale). I will also be tracking my resting pulse rate; it's much higher than normal lately but I expect it'll drop as I get used to regular exercise again.

Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Starting Weight: 308 pounds
Starting Body Fat Percentage: 48.5% (149lb of fat, 159lb of lean tissue)
Resting Pulse: 91 BPM
Circumference: 54" (widest point)
Pant Size: 46" or 48"
T-Shirt Size: XXL
Goal Weight: 150 pounds
Goal Body Fat Percentage: 10% (15lb of fat, 135lb of lean tissue)
Time To Walk This Nearby Trail[1]: 68 minutes

[1]: I will attempt to find out the length of this trail; currently I do not know it.

I will start my weight loss in the morning (Saturday) and post results in this thread each Saturday. I plan to take progress photos every 2-3 months, schedule permitting. I hope others will join me in participating!! This one's for YOU, Olivia! :)

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