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110895 No.1   [Reply]

Today's poll was requested by an outside party who wishes to remain Anonymous. This isn't something I would have come up with myself; I will be casting the first vote for "Hero" and hoping that the subject of the poll will not disdain me for my participation in this, however, I feel a duty to listen to the community and raise the questions they wish to be raised.

Please read all choices before clicking a link; only your FIRST click will be counted as your vote.

[Colour]Watch: Traitor or Hero?

  1. Traitor:


2. Hero:

3. Heroic Traitor:

4. WIPO:

Pic is always unrelated.

>> No.2  

WIPO: wtf did he do?

>> No.3  

Probably ninja-ganked somebody's purple DPS vendor realm instance, or something equally incomprehensible.

>> No.4  

WIPO - doing his best in life, like any of us.

>> No.5  

I'm not. :(

>> No.6  

WIPO - I have no opinion on this matter.

>> No.7  

WIPO - I'm a newfag and don't know who that is. Someone tell me please.

>> No.8  

He took Cracky for a human and talked to her.

>> No.9  

Elaborate please?

>> No.10  

>>8 He took Cracky for a human and talked to her.

So you voted "Traitor", yes?

>> No.11  

Comment by WIPO
25 July 2008, 07:22 GMT
I admire his perseverance and dedication, also some of the things he did were quite clever in retroscpective. I despise him for lying to us and possibly himself for such a long time. If you really bought into his 'I am just trolling you' schtick, I pity y

Ah god, your comment got cut off. The suspense is killing me! Who do you pity? Yugoslavians? Yeomen? Yellow-jackets?

>> No.12  

>>2 WIPO: wtf did he do?

He abandoned the community for his new British girlfriend, who's not even that cute. Olive Lion or something like that.... plays WoW and changes her hair color far too often.

>> No.13  

WIPO = a nice guy?

>> No.14  

I voted WIPO because he seems friendly, I'm overall neutral.

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