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No.1   [Reply]

Good morning faggots! I got a quick poll for you. And no, I'm not going to make it look all nice and pretty like your daily impoll faggot. I'm sure you guys missed me yesterday but me and the lady went to see Batman. Fucking kickass! Anyway, copy, paste, click the option you want, and see poll results. And if you can't follow those instructions, htf did you manage to turn your PC on?

Alright ladies, how long have you been into this Cracky bullshit? I'm interested from a psychological point of view. I'm probably just as curious of you fagfuckers as you are of Cracky. Also optional, comment how many times you've been institutionalized.


>> No.2  

That was Daily IMPoll #4, actually.

How long have you been attracted to Olivia?

Attracted to Olivia? WTF?: (14) 42%
Since 2008 (4) 12%
Since 2007 (3) 9%
Since 2006 (2) 6%
Since 2005 (5) 15%
Since 2004 (2) 6%
Since 1989 (1) 3% (actually reads "ZOMG HAI LIA'S DAD!!!!!1" on the poll itself)
WIPO (2) 6%

>> No.3  


Well fuck me for making conversation in this dead shithole.

>> No.4  


It's okay, it was a couple months ago and it'd be nice to see if the death of Bounceme has changed the demographic of the community.

>> No.5  
>comment how many times you've been institutionalized

You go first

>> No.6  

Mental health was actually Daily IMPoll #1:

I have been formally diagnosed with a mental illness. (12) 52%

I have had a mental illness in the past but no longer do. (2) 9%

I've never been evaluated though I probably should be. (4) 17%

I actually think I'm basically sane. (4) 17%

I have a paranoid belief that a bunch of pathetic virgins hang out on secret websites plotting to rape me: (1) 4% (actually reads "ZOMG HAI LIA!!!!!1" on the poll itself)

WIPO (0) 0%

Note 1-2 of the votes for option 1 are bogus as I had to cast a vote to look at the results again & might have done that one other time in the past.

>> No.7  


Yes, but deemed normal enough I'm fit to kill people. That's some shit ain't it?

>> No.8  

Just out of interest, could you possibly upload an archive of all the polls and their results to date? Or the URLS if they're still live.

>> No.9  


Well, I could find them all again on impoll.net, but with two caveats:

  1. Apparently taking a cue from quantum mechanics, it is impossible to precisely view the results of a poll without changing it to some degree, and since my IP's changed since I voted originally, I'd have to cast a new vote in each poll in order to get the results.
  2. Many times, some poll options were "tricks", with the actual poll option being different from what was listen on Bounceme, most commonly the "ZOMG HAI LIA!!!!!1" option that appeared on most polls until recently.
>> No.10  
File: 1217188362210.jpg -(22085 B, 510x383) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>comment how many times you've been institutionalized

I went to school for many years, but managed to fake what was expected of me in the end and they let me go.

What else... oh yeah, I once saw "Girl, Interrupted", and definitely would have surprise sex with the girl who tells lies... think about it, who'd believe her?

>> No.11  

uhh, I'll hunt them down myself then when I have the motivation.

>> No.12  
File: 1217190175307.jpg -(23846 B, 510x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.13  

I'm not into it... old story.
I came to bounceme looking for the pics of the burnt up dolls and met some people I kinda liked. Stayed for EOS alittle while... trolled some...
Now I'm here, which just shares the community in common.

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