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now I need a bigger hardrive :(.

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Not logged in!

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Fail SpookyHat. Fail.

>> No.3  

damnit :(
well it was 6:35 in the morning I guess that's my excuse

>> No.4  

it's a good torrent site though...
what I was pointing too was this 36 gig "dystopian collection" with some really kickass old movies on it.
http://cinemageddon.org/doku/doku.php/projects:dystopian_movie_project I reloaded it after logging out so this link should work.

>> No.5  

I've always found dystopian movie incredibly depressing so I'm not of a fan of them. What's the appeal?

>> No.6  

shrug I dunno... I don't find them depressing though. I actually kind of like the dystopian worlds. I find "utopian" societies in movies boring and drab and devoid of most of the stuff that makes us human.

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