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the dry herbal taste with the anise relatively subdued but still very present.Lightly sweet and complex opening with a lingering bitter finish.

>> No.2  

Absinthe lollipops are yummy.

>> No.3  

It is a fucking drink
It tastes of green
Your description reminds me of pretentious wine drinkers

>> No.4  



>> No.5  

You wound me.

>> No.6  


>> No.7  

I can't hear you over your obesity.

>> No.8  

you're obsession with me is sort of endearing in a creepy sort of way kitten.

>> No.9  



Your post is invalid.

>> No.10  

awwww a spelling nazi too.... I guess that's what happens when someone is typing too many things at once.
Funny though you're the one so worried about another man's body.

>> No.11  

I can't help but be concerned. You're the only organism on the planet visible from space.

>> No.12  

here here! Whose their?

>> No.13  


>hier hear! Hoose thar?
>> No.14  

Well I doubt that many people are obsessed with the great wall of China without having a hint of yellow fever in the first place. So that really doesn't explain anything.
I'm sure there's alternate reasoning behind it.

>> No.15  

A lot of people watch 2girls1cup with horrified fascination.

>> No.16  

Hehe you're covering for something. I noticed something, when I actually bring up why you're obsessed with me the length of rebuttals get smaller and smaller.

>> No.17  

It's because I'm in love with you and have a fetish for morbidly obese pedophiles.


>> No.18  

ahhh sorry you're not my type.

>> No.19  

Having an age in double figures disqualifies me, I know.

>> No.20  

no my last girlfriend was 24. You're just a bit too dumb. Feminine enough perhaps but dumb.

>> No.21  

Now hang on there, as far as you know I'm just a far more attractive version of you.

>> No.22  

Well for all you know I could be that youtube person I claim to be isn't me.
There's been people around claiming I'm actually Rob. Not seriously I hope but I've seen weirder. Hell there's people who think I'm you (if I'm assuming correctly you are schwill).

Do you suffer from memory lapses mein freund?

>> No.23  

You're assuming incorrectly. There's no penis on my posts and I'm not being MANLY.

>> No.24  


>> No.25  

manly... heh
anyways I was wanting to get the last word in but seriously I have stuff I need to do. As you know I am fat and I don't want to wait around for a ride to get out of this house. Fucking winter cabin fever is already setting on me.

>> No.26  


I like you. Can we be friends?

>> No.27  

Remember when I said I'd point out how you are sometimes pro-grammar fascism? HIPPOCRATUS

>> No.28  

"Grammar-nazi" is just another item in the pragmatic troll's tulebawks. This isn't a matter of principle whatsoever.

And no, anonymous, I don't remember anything you've ever said. I even forgot what transpired ITT already.

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