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1 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-04 06:19 ID:r0Pt4LYt [Del]

Dearly 4Chan Website Today:

To my English, forgive me am German makes happily speaks, because I, and to the English.

It is brings a matter to to your attention. I have a science-Proven magic petrification ray that is capable to change magic any young feminine person into a marble statue immediately with magic. I am has very excitied to this thing. I will tell you the story. I enjoy to turn of pretty young girls in statue. I turned ran five girls in statue with the device however I out of girl and need I more girl. Help me please to receive to more girl. It is very important service to the world girl in statue because to transform:

1. Girls who have been turned in statue can be used for decoration.
2. Rocky-girl transformed did not make overpopulate the world or use natural Betriebsmittel.
3. The girls hear stop aging and decaying if in statue.
4. Young feminine person lives eternally after statue.
5. Girl, when statue is nicer, than a girl as a meat -- only kidding! :)
6. Women, when statue can be naked in publicly naked, to how fleshy woman does not complain.
7. Woman think I when statue is prettier, than women while living woman, opinion lives.
8. Humanity as well likes statue.
9. Women and girl liked by people.
10. Combining you 8 and 9 (8+9) - women + statues = girl who is changed to statue with machine, best.
11. Woman doesn't have to make waste or must eat or must sleep after statue becomes.


I will tell you like the machines functioning.

A. The body of girl changes of organic fleshy material into marble stone.
B. Woman cannot move.
C. Young feminine person is statue eternal.
D. Girl can think and can: girl mind awake and living to see, from SCIENCE.
E. Woman knows, is is herself that she statue, and aware all that happens.
F. I make statue feminine petrification statue happily.

**** This why that I am need of you:

ARE YOU WOMAN GIRL? If you are woman girl, you come can make stop please to me so I can make girls becoming and beginnings of becoming stone statue woman. They come my house, remains my home. First you come my house. Then you remove clothes will need your to naked so you take it off. Then you stand on pedestal-stand to pose. Then I turn the petrification machine and it you statue turns you into. You will be the naked, and marble, and young, and girl, and pedestal-stand. Then you remain my home. With other girl-statue.

Good worry would plan turn takes that I to of my girl--in-statue. I speak touches with you and tremendously you and you sexually to show my love to you and make you happily and satisfies. You will be awake, sees during statue, awake eternally, to world, therefore I maintained would retain you and am happy too good.

They remain statue eternal. If I die I, I give provides you to for to other good man for care.

CONDITION: I do not become excited by children, therefore you must be old at least 13 years. I do not become excited old people, therefore you must be young under 21 years. You age is preferred becomes 17 the perfect years. Lovely must be. Must be willing to naked. No Africans or Turks. Jews preferred. Also Canada.

IF YOU WISH: Answer to my message with your electronic abschickenden addresses WANTING, and I will tell, how you come to me to becomes to statue!

2 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-04 06:20 ID:r0Pt4LYt [Del]



Do you have a girlfriend? I will pay you if gives you to me your girlfriend or girlfriends: twenty Deutschemarks. Your girlfriend or girlfriends petrification statues with machine will become. Your girlfriend will be happy with me and become your girlfriend the statues or your girlfriends the statue, and many other statues please, that girl lived with me.

Sell girlfriend to me. If you do not like your girlfriend, you give her because I will like her, if I change her in statue, to me if you like her, sell will not can move her to me anyway because I will make her happy through making it, a statue eternally so it on pedestal she can stand.

If you are masculine or feminine, either, gives your feminine friends. to me. I pay twenty Deutschemarks per a woman. They ready must not voluntarily come, or voluntarily. You her to me and I pay you, girl I takes and transforms into stone.

Do you have sister? Bring to your sister to me, and I will make her be a statue. See conditions. She will eternally be statue instal of your living meat sister. Won't it happily make you? Give undesirable sisters to me. Is your sister bad to you? Mean? I will change her into statue, therefore she will be no longer mean. If you do not like sister, you has her punished through that its stone would make me. If sister falls in love, reward closes me you her through leaving her as stone. You can be an Onlychild through turning of all sisters into statues!

Undesirable daughters? I like daughter children. If you a parent are frustrated with daughter, will buy I daughter from you if daughter is charmingly. WARNING: ADDITIONAL PAYMENT MONEY FOR TWINS. If daughter rebellion is receives or in difficulty, will repair I your daughter through chaning her meat into marble so that she is a statue. She will become no longer difficulty. I LIKE CHARMINGLY DAUGHTER CHILDREN. :) :) :)

CONDITION: I will not be excited to children, therefore girls at least 13 years. I do not become excited old people, therefore woman must be under 21 years. You age is preferred becomes 17 the perfect that. Lovely must be. Must naked be. No African or Turks. Jews preferred. Also Canada. Additional Deutchemarks for CanadaJews.


sketched my concepts above.

Economy with me please makes can can be happy, so that we all love.

Will soon I eternally turn many girls in statue so that they are statue, instead of girl to livelihood, but they remain awake and will be able to become see world around it -- you or your girlfriend or sister or daughter or friend or girlfriend miteingeschlossen?


Danke. (That says thanks!)

May the glory of God brightness on you eternally, enriching your life with wealth and Segnungn. The glory preserve and gives your good health long life with large prosperity and Segnungn to you. You protect and retain from damage God's hand and you safe of all, you live so that you and your family in joy and good fortune, and you can scream the name of the God to the ending of the earth. Amen.

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