Seriously. What IS in a name? (3)

1 Name: Delirium : 2008-11-02 15:57 ID:WKk2lbzt [Del]

So I was thinking again.

Actually like thinking this time and not taking a bubble bath.

People in like western countries and stuff are related to each other by like their last names. That’s called a “patronym” or literally “Patrick the Gnome.” I think he invented last names or something? Because like he was sick and tired of getting all the mail that belonged to other gnomes named Patrick.

So he became Patrick the Gnome Johnson and lived happily ever after inside a shoe.

Any way in some eastern countries they do it the other way around and put the family name first I guess to show that in some eastern countries “the family comes first.”

So anyway the other day I was thinking about gnomes and names and like all that related stuff and I thought what if they’re onto something in those countries? Like maybe a lawn chair and an easy chair and an electric chair aren’t really related just because they’re all chairs. What if it’s more like the lawn chair is related to lawn gnomes, lawn darts, and lawn mowers? What if the easy chair belongs with easy women and Easy Bake Ovens? What if the electric chair is like second cousin to the Electric Company, the electric slide, and the electric boogaloo?

This would mean soft drinks go with soft porn and soft serve, chick peas with Chick tracts, and REM’s Automatic For The People album could be close enough to an automatic weapon to require some kind of waiting period.

You know on second thought maybe even if the eastern countries do have it right we’re all better off not knowing.

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