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the FN Fal

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I'm told it's a fantastic rifle. Usually you have somebody around who had to lug one of them out to Cyprus and thought highly of it. Interesting rear sight design, at least on the C1 issued ones. I dug up a picture of it for the one person who reads this board, here.

In my limitted experience with service rifles, I was happier with something lighter that still (usually) went bang! when the trigger was pulled.

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oh yeah, introperv owns one.

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Introperv? I'm like moderately newfag
Heard it's not made for the 7.62 rounds it uses. Full auto is alittle out of control. I've only shot a semi auto version. I remember it having a fucked up kick but I don't go out shooting often.

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Introperv meaning, uh, an oldschool stalker.

I don't think anybody liked the C2, which was the section level automatic rifle variant on the C1, using 30 round magazines and a bipod, so it doesn't surprise me that the full auto experience with the standard FAL was not fantastic.

But they seem to have been well built, at least. From what I'd heard secondhand (though keep in mind alot of the second hand shit heard in the army is completely retarded such as "7.62 rounds for the AK47 work in the C1!") the soldiers working on vehicle crews would slot the barrel of their rifles into jacks, kinda trying to get more leverate going for them when they're jacking up their iltis or whatever.

Now, this practice must have worked alright for years with C1's if it was still being used commonly enough when the C7's showed up. As you can imagine a C7 really really doesn't take to that sort of abuse so well and alot of nice, purteh new rifles got fucked.

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