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Bozar is a weapon in Fallout 2.

Description: The ultimate refinement of the sniper's art. Although somewhat finicky and prone to jamming if not kept scrupulously clean, the big weapon's accuracy more than makes up for its extra maintenance requirements.

Locations: Buster's guards in NCR have it, so you can steal it off them. You can buy them from New Reno arms after you are a made man of a family. There is also one in the basement of the Toxic Caves northwest of Klamath. Many consider it to be the ultimate Big Gun, along with the Vindicator Minigun.

The Bozar may have been repurposed during the game's development: it behaves like a minigun, but is modeled after the Barret M82 fifty caliber sniper rifle. In fact, the in-game description even implies that the weapon is supposed to be a single-shot rifle rather than an automatic weapon.

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Blurring the lines between /games/ and /weapons/.

I always go with energy weapons and toast people with the pulse rifle. By that point I usually don't need anything they drop.

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But with pulse grenades you can get the Bozar possibly before new reno (electric lockpick and a toolbox are not hard to find). Take the sentry bots out with pulse grenades and you got one of the strongest weapons in the game before you even get the geck.

>> No.4  

Eh it's not like it's TOO long to get to Reno and bust into the SAD. Once you've done that and you've got your turbo plasma gun, resistance just melts out of the way. I generally don't even think the pulse rifle's too vital by the point you get it. Especially if you're already nearing level 24, because once you have the sniper perk it really doesn't matter so much what you use.

Though I usually play 10 LK characters.

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well for me it was the gauss rifle =D

but I usually play either Diplomasnipers or thieves.

>> No.6  

Yeah I usually do diplomasniper, but of course with snipan LK10 (or lk9 and then a hubologist brainscan) is more important than high CHA.

Also the key to being a good thief is save/load.

>> No.7  

but after you get the sniper feat does the luck help that much? I had 5 luck and only do normal shots 1 out of 6 times?

>> No.8  

Sniper perk's something like LK x 10 = crit chance (with 95% being max). With lk 10 I'd always get crits with it, and with the better criticals perk I'd have a 3/10 chance of instantkilling regardless of damage.

Of course even under normal circumstances pre-sniper perk the advantage of LK10 is really awesome anyways. You end up with a shitload of crits. Punches to the head with LK10 are the only way my weak diplomat type with no unarmed skill ends up as reno boxing champ/killing Lo Pan.

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hmmm maybe I should start a fallout thread in /g/...

so... which would you rather have? bethseda's fallout 3 or Van Buren?

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oh I know I should make a poll for /g/!

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well since we got off the fallout thing.... I'll present to you a classic in fictional weaponry just to get this thread rolling again.
You know it! you love it! The LIGHTSABER!

okay that was lame

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