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eventualzen: Alex, if you'd never spent a penny on camwhores - EVER , then
[6:57 AM] eventualzen: What would you do with all the money?
[6:57 AM] eventualzen: Like is there some hobby you have?
[6:58 AM] eventualzen: or special collectors item you'd want to purchase?

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Please guys...

Contrary to the reputation I seemed to acquire for some reason, I DID do my very best during the time that I posted "constructively" on this board - and even more during the short period that I moderated it - to remain aware that Crackyhouse was supposed to have some sort of a THEME.

It would never then have occurred to me - nor does it occur to me now - to want to turn this place into some sort of general dumpster for "wovey-dovey" teasing and patty-cake-playing where a bunch of sad lonely people can take turns with their temporary pretend bff's to chatter about their neuroses, their hair extensions, their personal idiosyncrasies etc.

I despise Lia, Mousie and all their alternately cloyingly sentimental and rabidly vicious clique of losers and liars for having turned Crackyhouse into just such a sad, pathetic sump-hole for mutual frottage and random pretend affection.

And I despise Jeff for having not only allowed it to happen but for blithely and dishonestly pretending not to have noticed that the board is, these days, just a random shit-dump for Lia and Co. to post silly little drawings of each other and preen and chatter about how wonderful they all are.

For God's sake, don't try to draw me into this sickening little "I'll take you on an ego trip if you take me on one" bullshit here on the BOARD. It's bad enough in the TC.

Or, spoken in non-tl;dr: this thread has no reason or right to exist, Zen.

Fuck off.

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You are single handedly responsible for ruining this board. Leave.

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I'm pretty sure he's also the reason Jeff is password protecting this board again, in a couple of days.

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