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For once, I think a posting of a TC "dialogue" on the board may have some justificatation.

Interestng to note how, when the conversation in the TC for once takes a constructive and promising turn - as here between Shroud and I - the constantly-present and constantly aggressively solidary group of Lia-adorers gradually fall silent and leave, one by one:

shroud: I'll creat a 100% original content thread about only Cracky
[6:22 PM] guest-217165 left the room.
[6:22 PM] guest-217162 changed nickname to blah
[6:23 PM] blah: blahblahblahblahdramablahblahalexdramablah
[6:23 PM] ophelia: ^^^^^
[6:23 PM] shroud: I hope that you decide not to but in and ruin it
[6:23 PM] blah left the room.
[6:23 PM] guest-217228 entered the room.
[6:23 PM] shroud: age has nothing to do with anything
[6:23 PM] shroud: maturity is an illusion
[6:23 PM] ophelia: I found that out from here.
[6:23 PM] alex: well, if you do, Shroud, you seem to be only doing it to make a point
[6:23 PM] alex: and to defend Lia's honour
[6:23 PM] shroud: no
[6:23 PM] ophelia: Alex doesn't even like Cracky, idk why he's here.
[6:23 PM] shroud: I'm doing it because that#s my purpose here
[6:23 PM] raitoningu: YES YESSSSSSSSSSS
[6:23 PM] decline1: a perfunctory artificial thread with a series of cracky pictures means nothing
[6:24 PM] shroud: to feed Crackydom
[6:24 PM] raitoningu: FEED ME YOUR HAAAAAAAATE
[6:24 PM] alex: randomly posting 12 old Cracky photos
[6:24 PM] raitoningu: grows twice his size
[6:24 PM] shroud: I don't care about Lia
[6:24 PM] raitoningu: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM
[6:24 PM] shroud: (at least not in that way, no offense meant)
[6:24 PM] alex: to "prove" that Lia hasnt taken over Crackyhouse
[6:24 PM] shroud: no, alex, my point is:
[6:24 PM] alex: that isnt very convincng, sorry
[6:24 PM] ophelia: Fucking hell, is this how Jewish people feel?
[6:24 PM] raitoningu: sort of
[6:24 PM] cyans: LAWL lia
[6:24 PM] shroud: If I creat a thread about Cracky, because I want to indugle myself on doing that
[6:24 PM] shroud: will you contribute your hatred in that thread?
[6:24 PM] raitoningu: except they have more money and control of the movie industry
[6:24 PM] raitoningu: BA-DA-BOOM
[6:24 PM] shroud: that's my point
[6:25 PM] ophelia: Ofc he will.
[6:25 PM] ophelia: He just wants to ruin CH.
[6:25 PM] alex: oh my God, now Lia is a poor persecuted Jew
[6:25 PM] ophelia: That's what he's trying to do.
[6:25 PM] shroud: lol jews, who's a jew
[6:25 PM] alex: Lia, you have your good points

>> No.2  

[6:25 PM] alex: we got on fine for a while
[6:25 PM] ophelia: Alex, you're becoming obsessed with me in a way those Jew haters get obsessed with Jews.
[6:25 PM] shroud: alex, please answer my question. I will post a thread about Cracky, mostly to get feedback
[6:25 PM] alex: but you honestly are the most extreme case of utter narcissism I have ever encountered
[6:26 PM] shroud: on a videogame hack I'm making
[6:26 PM] ophelia: He just wants to destroy CH.
[6:26 PM] shroud: will you post there?
[6:26 PM] ophelia: I'm not kidding, he hates Cracky and everyone involved.
[6:26 PM] cyans: actualy, it's sorta zionist isn't it... the rm101 refugees
[6:26 PM] ophelia: lold
[6:26 PM] alex: Well, as Decline said, Shroud, if you just bang down 10 old Cracky photos
[6:26 PM] ophelia: WHY CAN'T PEOPLE DO THAT?
[6:26 PM] alex: and start smirking "hahha Alex has been proven wrong"
[6:26 PM] ophelia: Is that not good enough for Princess Alex?
[6:26 PM] alex: yes, I probably will butt in
[6:26 PM] shroud: read what I just posted, it's "videogame hack". It'll be 100% orignal content, never seen
[6:26 PM] shroud: before
[6:27 PM] ophelia: Can't repost old photos because Princess Alex doesn't like it.
[6:27 PM] shroud: nobody has seen it before
[6:27 PM] raitoningu: Why do you care so much to be right? blinks
[6:27 PM] shroud: because i'm creating it
[6:27 PM] shroud: from scratch
[6:27 PM] alex: If you actually have something to SAY about the proposed subject of this board, fine
[6:27 PM] ophelia: Jesus, everything must be OKd with Alex before you can post...
[6:27 PM] raitoningu: Matters of principle on a Cracky board. Will wonders never cease.
[6:27 PM] shroud: no, you are missing my point again Alex
[6:27 PM] alex: but your "threat" to do a Cracky thread has only arisen in the context of this argument
[6:27 PM] shroud: no alex
[6:27 PM] raitoningu: Guys, guys, guys...
[6:27 PM] alex: so as I say, your intentions dont seem sincere
[6:27 PM] raitoningu: Step 1. Highlight Alex's name.
[6:27 PM] shroud: i've been planning it since yesterday
[6:28 PM] raitoningu: Step 2. Click ignore.
[6:28 PM] shroud: and it has nothing to do with you
[6:28 PM] raitoningu: Step 3: Profit
[6:28 PM] shroud: raitin can back me up in this one
[6:28 PM] ophelia: iI've done it.
[6:28 PM] shroud: it's about Crackyvania
[6:28 PM] ophelia: I can't see him now, wooo.
[6:28 PM] raitoningu: Now we can get back to our "lovely dovey community bullshit"
[6:28 PM] cyans: home time bai
[6:28 PM] raitoningu: Lovey Dovey Community Bullshit is the name of my Vampire Weekend cover band.
[6:28 PM] shroud: anyway, my point is: I think your point is that Crackyhouse has derailed from it's purpose
[6:28 PM] ophelia: Awww, Raito, you so kawaii.
[6:28 PM] shroud: to adore Cracky. Am I right on this?
[6:29 PM] raitoningu: I am the worst person I know, Lia <3
[6:29 PM] shroud: that's your complaint
[6:29 PM] cyans left the room.
[6:29 PM] alex: no, not really
[6:29 PM] raitoningu: Shroud almost sounds insane talking to no one doesn't he?

>> No.3  

[6:29 PM] shroud: then?
[6:29 PM] shroud: lol hah
[6:29 PM] alex: I certainyl never wanted to adore Cracky
[6:29 PM] alex: but I sure as hell want to adore Lia less
[6:29 PM] shroud: this is not about you alex, I've been here way longer.... and i asure you
[6:29 PM] alex: and that is what its about now
[6:29 PM] ophelia: He does.
[6:29 PM] shroud: the purpose of Crackyhouse is to talk about cracky
[6:29 PM] alex: I dont want another 71
[6:30 PM] shroud: this -IS- another 71
[6:30 PM] shroud: where 71 was aplace to find more about Cracky
[6:30 PM] raitoningu: You know, I honestly think the site has evolved beyond that.
[6:30 PM] alex: I would like a forum where peple engage with one another with wit, civility and intelligen
[6:30 PM] alex: ce
[6:30 PM] shroud: CHouse was meant to fictionalize the idea more
[6:30 PM] raitoningu: It's more of a circle-jerk about the cracky fandom
[6:30 PM] alex: about issues raised by the whole Cracky / online love thing
[6:30 PM] shroud: alex, then you are looking in the wrong place!
[6:30 PM] shroud: this has never been, and will never be that place
[6:30 PM] raitoningu: Me, honestly, I could not give a shit about Cracky. I wish there wasn't ANY site dedicated
[6:30 PM] raitoningu: to that poor girl
[6:30 PM] shroud: that place is 71
[6:31 PM] shroud: .71 was meant around the phenomenon
[6:31 PM] shroud: CH was meant for the hopeless fans
[6:31 PM] alex: It clearly isnt 71, Shroud
[6:31 PM] shroud: to create content around a notion
[6:31 PM] guest-217321 entered the room.
[6:31 PM] shroud: was is, is not necessarily what it was meant to be
[6:31 PM] guest-217321 left the room.
[6:31 PM] alex: I go to both places often enough to see that they are as different as Judaism and Catholic
[6:31 PM] alex: ism
[6:31 PM] shroud: a forum for intelligent discussion was never the purpose for Crackyhouse
[6:32 PM] ophelia left the room.
[6:32 PM] shroud: which begs the question
[6:32 PM] alex: well, adoration is 71 s thing
[6:32 PM] shroud: wait, i need to get up, sec
[6:32 PM] alex: three years ago this was, sometmes, a place for wit, civilty and intelligence
[6:32 PM] alex: I havent made a constructive post for two years
[6:33 PM] alex: because that time is clearly past
[6:33 PM] shroud: back

>> No.4  

[6:33 PM] shroud: ok, challenge:
[6:33 PM] shroud: start a thread about whatever you want to discuss about
[6:33 PM] shroud: no ophelia, no kimi, no rav rav
[6:33 PM] shroud: don't insult anyone, don't flame
[6:33 PM] shroud: you'll realized that users DO want to engage in discussion
[6:33 PM] shroud: as long as it's not a personal attack
[6:34 PM] alex: that sounds a bit like the scene in the new Nanni Moretti film
[6:34 PM] shroud: never heard of her/him
[6:34 PM] raitoningu: Creepers gonna creeeeeeep
[6:34 PM] alex: where they call in apsychoanalyst to analze the Pope
[6:34 PM] alex: and tell him he cant talk about sex, childhood or dreams
[6:34 PM] shroud: so, are you implying your duty is to talk about lia, kimi, mousie or lava?
[6:35 PM] shroud: is that all you are?
[6:35 PM] alex: I certainly don't want to post about Lia at this point
[6:35 PM] shroud: another fanboy?
[6:35 PM] shroud: so, then what is wrong with my idea?
[6:35 PM] alex: but I find the Kimi / RavRav relation to be a very interesting religious mystery
[6:35 PM] raitoningu: Troll is gonna troooolllll
[6:35 PM] alex: read the posts I made about them on 71
[6:36 PM] alex: I think posts of that type are a very interesting way of continuing the "Cracky
[6:36 PM] alex: problematic"
[6:36 PM] shroud: mmm
[6:36 PM] shroud: ok, I'll read them later
[6:36 PM] shroud: now, I have to play league for a while
[6:36 PM] alex: yes, you should
[6:36 PM] alex: they are not flaming
[6:37 PM] shroud: I will read them after a couple hours, I'm leaving the chat for a while
[6:37 PM] shroud: and hey
[6:37 PM] alex: they are serious attempts to consider this interesting probllem
[6:37 PM] shroud: I do believe you can contribute to making CH a better place
[6:37 PM] shroud: but anger is never solution
[6:37 PM] guest-217381 entered the room.
[6:37 PM] shroud: you are old and smart enought to know that
[6:37 PM] alex: of the "religious" status of a friendship between someone who "walked with
[6:37 PM] alex: Cracky"
[6:37 PM] shroud: enlightment never comes from violence
[6:37 PM] shroud: gotta go, see you later
[6:37 PM] shroud left the room.
[6:37 PM] alex: and someone who is often cited as a "worthless cam-whore who has no place in the Crackyver
[6:37 PM] alex: se"
[6:38 PM] raitoningu: Mmmmm, silence.
[6:38 PM] raitoningu: joined the group whiteboard.
[6:38 PM] alex: as we can see, THAT conversation was becoming a little too civil and constructive
[6:39 PM] alex: for your gang, Raiton
[6:39 PM] alex: they ve all left
[6:39 PM] alex: I suppose you will now too

>> No.5  

I would like to go on record as a Lia-adorer.

>> No.6  

All I read was "I think what I want to talk about is interesting and everyone else can suck it". Isn't it about time Alex left? I'm sure he's just trying to ruin this place.

>> No.7  

Shroud and Lia were the only ones engaging in your conversation. Both explained why they left, the former went to play vidjagames and the later left to finish her revision on jewjitsu...

>> No.8  

And i wasn't even in the room.

>> No.9  
>you still bitching about how bad crackyhouse is

You are the most fucking disgusting liar. If Crackyhouse is bad why don't you leave?
Fucking hypocrite.

>> No.10  
>alex: to "prove" that Lia hasnt taken over Crackyhouse
>ophelia: Fucking hell, is this how Jewish people feel?


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