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Cracky was here!

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her smile is so distinguished

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why is crack so STUPID?!?

when i am advance in headway to making communication with crack i update to bulletin board system. OK?

facebook is not sending message for carrier unsupported :-(
so i am send plain admittance passport serving as identification proof :) with a view to contact brother alex, NOT old man reynold! but sibling to crack

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>>15 I think a lot of people try to contact with him. Why are you going to have success where others failed?

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>>16 you sure he can even answer that?

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Good sures, all the crackies worlds peoples speaks engrish

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Oh shit, I'm sorry

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Sorry for what? our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks, specially since they're such a good size and all

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where did you guys hear that from?

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It gets bigger when I pull on it

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all this arguing makes me sad

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If you're referring to the thread below this one Lyingstupidfuck..oh sorry I mean Olivia, there was no "arguing" involved in it originally, unless you're using the word "arguing" to mean arguMENT....i.e. the reasoned defence of propositions designed to improve the quality of communication and interaction on this board.

The "arguing", in the sense that I suppose you intend the term, only begins when people begin their monotonous "Kimi good! OP bad! Kimi good! OP bad!" chant that divides everything into an "our side, their side" contests and makes all friendly and constructive discussion impossible.

One doesn't have to actually be as stupid and tiny-brained as the sheep from Orwell's Animal Farm that I was alluding to there to take one's place as one of the chanters.

Mero isn't stupid, but that was exactly the attitude that he demonstrated in the Tinychat last night: "I've drunk a toast of friendship with Kimi; I haven't drunk one with you; so everything she does and says is right and everything you do and say is wrong."

I'm sure Dolly, Dolly's little gang of faggot goats, Suede, RavRav and several others who hang around here all follow pretty much the same course of thinking and behaviour. Possibly Kimi herself does - and she's CERTAINLY not dumb.

That kind of destructive evil way of behaving doesn't come from stupidity. It comes from the laziness and cowardice that makes 99% of humanity accept and believe that human relations operate and must operate on the basis of "forming alliances" and being defensive to the point of murderous aggression against anyone who has not gone through the accepted forms and motions of making themselves part of the particular "alliance" one belongs to oneself.

But I hold with Bartleby on this one: "I'd prefer not to."

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"Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided,(...) but by iron and blood "

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happy easter anon~

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Cracky was a fox, a catfox. get it?

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Why did she move to London?

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To marry a Polish gypsy who sells scrap metal. He is the father of her child.

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inb4 kimi deletes it again

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>>1 Because of faggots like you and because Kimi's cock is way larger than your hybrid pygmy Chinese dick.

Pic related, it's OP and all the recentfags are Little Billy

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While Kimi's likely seen lé bagel as nekkid can be, it's quite another matter to have other people posting it for all to see, not that I didn't appreciate the show, I did. I understand why shit got bawleted. Keep it classy, you can cover a diamond in mud, it still retains it's worth, likewise with the bagelmeister.

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her and ely and a couple of others went iirc

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WTF is the deal with reposting Semisonic on every thread? It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings, boyo.

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>>because anyone with basic capacities of reason and intuition will tell you that's just not my style

I now believe this to be a lie, just like most of what this "character" puts this much emphasis and conditional flattery on in his endless tirades turns out to be either wrong or a plain lie he will then rail at you for takng seriously, that there yet would be something else "that's not his style" furthering his purpose says something about the disonest nature of this manipulative piece of shit troll Reynolds.

I believe he has develloped this "style" to cover for the rest of his site destruction campaign.

But whatever I believe, if all we have to figure out what's going on is behavior, this remains, Alex wants the site to die, and the site wont comply.

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Yeah, well, as I say, if you believe that I am posting nudes of RavRav - or indeed of anybody - then that just tells me how utterly dim and utterly lacking in all discernment and judgment you are.

It tells everybody else here, who might conceivably matter, the same: that you are an idiot and that nothing you post need be taken seriously.

But if you manage to spread this absurd implausible nonsense about my wanting people to see RavRav's tits among a few other sniggering little mental 14-year-olds....well, nothing of value will thereby be lost.

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>>blah blah blah everyone can se that (insert desired appeal to the masses) blah blah blah

I dont give a rat's ass about what you did or say you did in this particular instance out of a thousand just like it; I say you are shamelessly maneuvering, as usual. That last post was damage control, and maybe you think you've defused the situation, but you damn well confirmed it for me. The board wont "die" because you will it to, and it is certainly not dead because you declare it dead, just leave or shut the fuck up about it.

I'll be damned if I ever believe anything you say, and anything you post repeatedly with that much emphasis, however far-fetched the implications, will always be suspect to me. You're that trustworthy.

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Posting in a meta-thread.

Pic related.

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Real mature.

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What can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence.

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See, proof positive that Wittgenstein was round at Kimi's place for tea and sugar-cane as well and that he promised he'd keep his mouth about the cliques and the ridiculously un-impartial modding.

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sorry....joke only works if there's a "shut" between "mouth" and "about".

sign that I'm typed out for the day

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it's alright, Wittgenstein was wrong anyway. Anybody who claims to have found the limit of knowledge is usually embarrassed later on. He's a beautiful writer though, and that's what matters.

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Enjoy your right hand this Easter break, I won't be around to see your AIDS for a few days.

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not everything is about sex.

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