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Made a arts

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What does feminism mean in practice (not it's dictionary definition)?

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1) Pornography feeds lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh, which are never satisfied. It leaves the viewer craving more and more in order to achieve the same "sexual high." It easily enslaves people to their own cravings and opens the door to other forms of evil, like anger, abuse, violence, hatred, lying, envy, compulsiveness and selfishness. The power behind porn is revealed when the porn addict tries to stop their habit - it is virtually impossible without help.

2) Pornography sexualizes the viewer's mindset. It warps and perverts their perspective such that sex is unnaturally elevated in their thoughts. Porn's images are stamped into viewer's brain with the aid of hormones released during sexual arousal. Even if a person decides to stop looking at porn, the past images can remain for years or even a lifetime.

3) Pornography promotes destructive practices and can lead to progressive addiction. For example, porn sites routinely link viewers to depictions of every type of sexual perversion imaginable, such as child porn, homosexuality, bestiality, necrophilia (sexual interest in corpses), masochism (pleasure from abuse or suffering), rape and sadism (gratification from inflicting physical or mental pain on others). The viewer's exposure to such themes naturally increases the likelihood that they may attempt to act out what they've viewed. This can lead to sexual crimes, a la the late Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway (The Green River Killer).

4) Pornography intensifies an individual's drive to serve oneself, rather than serve others. For example, masturbation, which typically accompanies looking at pornography reinforces a self-centered sexual orientation (i.e. lust), which can detract from a person's ability to give and receive love.

5) Pornography addiction can lead to debt. The convenience of credit card transactions on the internet encourages covert spending without limit. Additionally, pornographers flood common internet areas with enticing banner ads ("teasers") and spam email, which bait potential viewers with free porn. Once lured by the free porn to the site, the viewers must then pay to see more. Porn can also cause huge financial losses for employers with employees who waste company time searching for porn, downloading, viewing and covering their tracks on company computers. Employees who get caught accessing porn and are subsequently get fired will experience potentially significant losses, most likely leading to debt.

6) By viewing and/or purchasing porn, viewers are supporting the porn industry and facilitating its growth. By viewing porn, the viewer is also contributing to the sexual exploitation of whoever or whatever is in the images he or she is viewing.

7) Looking at porn can damage the viewer's family relationships, not to mention increasing the chance of his or her spouse and children finding the material. Porn may also inspire the viewer to explore incest, which is a common porn theme. Other things porn may inspire in the viewer (which could in turn affect the family) include sexual frustration, lying, abuse, affairs, debt, violent behavior and irrational thinking. (see Testimonials on how porn destroys lives)

8) Looking at porn at work could damage the viewer's reputation, decrease his or her productivity and lead to job loss. It could also inspire unhealthy and/or inappropriate relationships with co-workers.

9) Looking at porn can damage the viewer's current or future marriage sex life. Porn viewers may find that it's difficult to enjoy true intimacy with their spouse when they're fantasizing about somebody else! Additionally, porn builds an unrealistic perception of sexual relations. Porn sex is a portrayal or an act made for the viewer's enjoyment. It takes what God intended as a private expression of love between a husband and wife and prostitutes it for entertainment. When a person has been looking at sexual pictures of other people for entertainment, he or she will have a downgraded value of sex. This in turn will detract from their appreciation and value of sex with their spouse.

10) Looking at porn will increase the viewer's tendency to lie, because he or she will have a natural desire to keep it secret to avoid criticism, embarrassment, shame and/or having to surrender their habit.

11) Looking at porn can lead a person into masturbation addiction.

12) Looking at porn brings serious spiritual consequences (see consequences page). For example, it opens the doorway to spiritual oppression and confusion in the viewer's life. The power behind pornography is inherently evil. It seeks to control and dominate the viewer's life, while allowing other forms of evil to gain influence in that person. Once a person starts looking at the porn, their eyes become the gateway for the evil power to enter them. As it gains influence, the evil can numb the viewer's ability discern right and wrong. As traditional moral values are blurred, confusion sets in.

13) Looking at porn helps you start to believe the lies it promotes. Example lies include:

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-- NO FAP 2012 --
Let's make it, guise.

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What kind of sex is wrong? God makes it very clear what kinds of sex or sexually-related activities are wrong. As a rule of thumb, any sex outside of marriage is sin. We've listed a few of the many Bible references for each form of sex sin below.

Adultery: Sex outside of one's marriage (Deuteronomy 22:22, Galatians 5:19; Hebrews 13:4; Genesis 39:6-12, 1 Corinthians 7:2-3)

Bestiality: Sex with animals (Exodus 22:19, Leviticus 18:23; Leviticus 20:15-16)

Cross-Dressing: Men dressing as women and women dressing as men (Deuteronomy 22:5)

Incest: Sex between family members (Leviticus 18:6,7,10,22; 2 Samuel 13:2-22, Deuteronomy 22:13-30)

Fornication: Sex where at least one of the participants is not married; sex outside of marriage (Genesis 34:1-7; Deuteronomy 22:13-28; 2 Samuel 13:2-22; 1 Corinthians 6:9, 2 Corinthians 12:21, Galatians 5:19; Hebrews 13:4; Colossians 3:5; 1 Corinthians 7:2,8-9)

Homosexuality: Sex with member of same sex (1 Corinthians 6:9; Leviticus 20:13, Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26-32, 1 Corinthians 7:2-3, 1 Timothy 1:8-11) (see homosexual page)

"Mental sex" sin: Jesus equated thinking about sexual sin with the act of committing the sin. Jesus said, "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart" Matthew 5:28 NIV. This notion of "thought sin" not only applies to sexual fantasy, but also to other forms of sin, like anger and murder (Matthew 5:21-22; Mark 7:20-22). Pornography powerfully promotes mental sex sin.

Pedophilia: Sex with children; a form of fornication. (Mark 9:42; Luke 17:1-2; 2 Corinthians 12:21; Galatians 5:19; Hebrews 13:4; Colossians 3:5; 1 Corinthians 6:9 (see Strong's #3120 for effeminate))

Rape: Sex forced against the will (Deuteronomy 22:24-25, 2 Samuel 13:12-22)

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already failed about 20 times

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A likeness of sex: Pornography is the ultimate likeness or appearance of sex. Pornography can only offer the appearance of the sexual experience. God created sex as a physical, emotional and spiritual experience, and porn can only give a partial representation of it.

Extreme devotion: Porn's erotic appeal powerfully captivates its viewers, leading them to extreme devotion to finding more porn to look at.

False conceptions: Porn is awash with lies about sex (see lies of sex addiction). Its depictions are built on sexual sin, so it's no wonder that porn addicts often have a warped understanding of what God's plan for sexuality is. Homosexuality, incest and adultery are examples of the false concepts that porn glamorizes.

Idolatry is sin: Idolatry is specifically identified in the Bible as sin (Exodus 20:3-5, Exodus 20:23). God's primary command to us is that we love God with all our heart, soul and mind (Matthew 22:36-38). It is impossible to love God with all our heart, soul and mind when we are idolizing sex images in our eyes and thoughts.

Idolatry damages our relationship with God:

Diverts our devotion away from God (Deuteronomy 31:16)
Causes spiritual confusion and damages our discernment of right and wrong (Isaiah 41:29, Isaiah 45:15-16, Hosea 7:11)
Gives place to a “deluded heart” which misleads us (Isaiah 44:20)
Causes generational curses (Exodus 20:3-5)
Causes a root bearing poisonous fruit and wormwood in our life (Deuteronomy 29:17-18)
Allows evil spirits to influence us (Isaiah 19:3-4, Leviticus 19:29, Deuteronomy 12:31, Hosea 4:12-14)

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Porn images can be linked to evil spirits: Idols were often linked with evil spirits in the Bible (Deuteronomy 32:17, Psalm 106:37, 1 Corinthians 10:20, Galatians 4:8). Pornography easily serves as a conduit for evil spirits of lust, fornication, adultery (harlotry), prostitution, masturbation, homosexuality, lewdness and many others to enter our minds and bodies. These spirits can be powerfully deceiving and will do their bests to consume our lives with evil. Even Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, fell to idolatry by turning his heart after demon gods (1 Kings 11:1-13). Every porn picture may not have a demon behind it, but it certainly could. At the very least, looking at porn gives the devil footholds for to oppress you.

The high place in our minds: Idol worship in Bible times was often conducted at shrines on mountaintops (1 Kings 14:23, 1 Kings 11:7-8). God detested these places and required their destruction as part of the peoples' repentance. Our bodies are now temples of God's Spirit through Jesus (1 Corinthians 6:19), and our minds are places of worship for the Lord. We can easily defile our minds with lustful thoughts. Sex addicts mentally build a type of altar for sex thoughts in their minds. It is a type of high place in the mind for sexual lust, where sexual thoughts seem to rise above everything else. God detests this high place just as he did with the Israelites' shrines and he wants us to destroy it.

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i waited for you

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Love all the things we've done wrong
And when we forget we can move on
And when we recall it makes us strong
We hope faith forever keeps us young

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Poor copies out of heaven's originals,
Pale earthly pictures mouldering to decay,
What care although your beauties break and fall,
When that which gave them life endures for aye?

Oh never vex thine heart with idle woes:
All high discourse enchanting the rapt ear,
All gilded landscapes and brave glistering shows
Fade-perish, but it is not as we fear.

Whilst far away the living fountains ply,
each petty brook goes brimful to the main
Since baron nor fountain can for ever die,
Thy fears how foolish, thy lament how vain!

What is this fountain, wouldst thou rightly know?
The Soul whence issue all created things.
Doubtless the rivers shall not cease to flow,
Till silenced are the everlasting springs.

Farewell to sorrow, and with quiet mind
Drink long and deep: let others fondly deem
The channel empty they perchance may find,
Or fathom that unfathomable stream.

The moment thou to this low world wast given,
A ladder stood whereby thou might'st aspire;
And first thy steps, which upward still have striven,
From mineral mounted to the plant; then higher

To animal existence; next, the Man,
With knowledge, reason, faith. Oh wondrous goal!
This body, which a crumb of dust began-
How fairly fashioned the consummate whole!

Yet stay not here thy journey: thou shalt grow
An angel bright and home far off in heaven.
Plod on, plunge last in the great Sea, that so
Thy little drop make oceans seven times seven.

'The Son of God!' Nay, leave that word unsaid,
Say: 'God is One, the pure, the single Truth.'
What though thy frame be withered, old, and dead,
If the soul keep her fresh immortal youth?

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guest-764878 changed nickname to alex
[9:33 AM] alex: who is it who keeps posting these chats on the board?
[9:34 AM] ilovecracky: i pledge alegance to loli cat who pledges alegance to cracky
[9:34 AM] guest-764911 entered the room.
[9:34 AM] ilovecracky: how can i prove it
[9:34 AM] guest: why do you keep calling me that
[9:34 AM] guest: i've never gone by that name
[9:34 AM] ilovecracky: maybe my horendous spelling is proof enough
[9:34 AM] alex: I think whoever it is is anticipating the reader's judgment a little
[9:35 AM] guest-764947 entered the room.
[9:35 AM] alex: by entitling the thread "Alex is q doublenigger douchebag"
[9:35 AM] guest-764947 changed nickname to lurking
[9:35 AM] ilovecracky: you cant hide who you are
[9:35 AM] lurking: woah I've never been in TC before
[9:35 AM] lurking: I've always just lurked the site
[9:35 AM] lurking: but when I read that huge log
[9:35 AM] ilovecracky: should i call you guest instead?
[9:35 AM] alex: everyone seems to hide it from me pretty successfully
[9:35 AM] guest-764911 left the room.
[9:35 AM] lurking: I had to personally tell alex what a dick he is
[9:36 AM] guest: no
[9:36 AM] guest: don't call me anything
[9:36 AM] guest: fuck off
[9:36 AM] alex: good. explain why ME in particular
[9:36 AM] eventualzen:
[9:36 AM] lurking: you're insufferable
[9:36 AM] alex: I mean Ilovecracky here is PLAINLY being several times
[9:36 AM] alex: more douche-y than me
[9:37 AM] lurking: you lack the capacity to objectively critique what you're saying, if you did you might
[9:37 AM] lurking: realize that it's a load of dogsballs
[9:37 AM] alex: explain, don' just bluster
[9:37 AM] ilovecracky: stop opressing me please
[9:37 AM] ilovecracky: it hurts my fragile male ego
[9:37 AM] lurking: personally
[9:37 AM] alex: I mean, what I just said is quite evidently true, right?
[9:37 AM] lurking: being specific
[9:37 AM] lurking: I think it's your face
[9:38 AM] lurking: it just annoys everyone
[9:38 AM] alex: did you just come here to prove how stupid you are?
[9:38 AM] lurking: the words are secondary devices
[9:38 AM] alex: are you secretly on my side?
[9:38 AM] ilovecracky: stop judging alex by his looks
[9:38 AM] lurking: stop deflecting
[9:39 AM] alex: do you really not realize how absurd it sounds
[9:39 AM] ilovecracky: thats a form of opression
[9:39 AM] ilovecracky: and discrimination
[9:39 AM] alex: after Camel and Dolly have been going on about being judged by beauty etc
[9:39 AM] ilovecracky: i may have to start a petition just to make myself right in my own eyes
[9:39 AM] alex: if you're here to piss on Dolly, fine, let's join our golden streams
[9:40 AM] lurking: I didn't actually read anything that was said
[9:40 AM] lurking: but I can assume it was the usual diatribe
[9:40 AM] alex: oh you're actually SERIOUS, then??
[9:40 AM] ilovecracky: no i am not here to purposly agrivate anybody
[9:41 AM] ilovecracky: but i just have to speak my mind
[9:41 AM] alex: the feminists are gathering supporters among people who despise ugly people
[9:41 AM] ilovecracky: exspecially when it is being opressed
[9:41 AM] alex: makes sense, in view of the sort of feminism THEY propound
[9:41 AM] lurking: GRRRRR I'M ALEX
[9:41 AM] lurking: I'M LASHING OUT

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Alex got trolled?

>> No.30  

um, I actually wasn't even their

I don't know who camel is talking to here>>24

it's not me

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File: 1325688872236.png -(151276 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

All those misspellings made me stop reading these halfway through.

>> No.32  

i was their and i witnessed how alex is always judged and oppressed and picked on... and any male around. them chics in tc are a bunch of bullies

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One left.

>> No.2  

Well, you know...

There can be only one...

>> No.3  

all who attempt to oppose her will fail

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I'll just leave this here.

>> No.2  

why thank you kind anon

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>>15 if anything we should be making fun of her when she takes pictures that make her look 10 years old

>> No.18  

>>1>>6 she is of two different ages in these pictures isnt she? or do i even want to know?

>> No.19  
File: 1325595194829.jpg -(752052 B, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>18 same age, or at least posted in the same year.

>> No.20  
File: 1325612506991.jpg -(21772 B, 319x239) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

does this heavenly blessed beauty have a name?

>> No.21  

>>20 yes, and even a tumblr but I can't be arsed to search it now. Maybe later. Her name is something blackstone

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