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I like this picture very much for some reason.

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Is dat some camel?

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Bat is. I think on becca's website you can find more pics of kamal when she was just a girl child.

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url plz (:

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Very nice, but lacking a certain cracky-ness despite obvious similarities. Can we try this again, perhaps in a more artful fashion? Or not.

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I had a fantasy where I was a 28-year-old lesbian living in a big house far from civilization, decorated with petrified teenage girls, and loli-chan and another girl had gotten lost in the woods on a journey with winter setting in, and they found my house just as they were on the verge of freezing, so I took them inside and stripped them of their frozen clothes & warmed them up in the hot tub & watched them sleep, and since winter set in I convinced them in was necessary for them to stay until spring or they'd never make it home, and they got comfortable in my house, walking around in their underwear, and then one day as we were talking I mentioned that I was a lesbian, and loli-chan started freaking out about how she'd been walking around in her underwear & we'd been in the hottub naked & she was really angry that I never told her I was a lesbian. She went to her room & refused to come out. The other girl was totally okay, though, and tried to talk sense into her, but failed. That night, I told loli-chan that since she wasn't happy staying the winter at my home, she could use the single-use teleporter in my attic to teleport home, and her friend would go home the normal way in spring. I told her that the teleporter required her to be naked, and she didn't really want to strip down for me again, but she wanted to go home, so she got naked and got in the "teleporter", but it was actually a petrification device, and I turned her into a naked & petrified stone statue. Her friend was kind of upset when she saw the statue in the morning, but mainly because I didn't talk to her about it first -- she said she would have been okay with the transformation if I'd asked her about it first. Then we got naked & started fucking. THE END

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>So, so that my miserable, activity-less, purposeless week would have at least time tiny surrogate for human satisfaction in it, I copied some ancient pasta of somebody else's onto an image-board without giving them any credit for it, in the expectation that at least a few clueless newfags would start cooing and whistling with admiration.

Or... maybe just or.. I didn't copypasta with that intention? Just a thought, who knows.

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The last time somebody posted some crap pretending it was "Crackyverse original content" wasnt copypasta at all, but that person did bitch a whole lot about copypasta though...

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Fuck you, your attitude, and everything about you. Go kill yourself in a fire already.

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I didn't realise how much I was missing the ramptant agalmatophilia of the old Wish board until right this minute. Can we have Daily Anon Poll-guy back too?

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Daily Visits: 78
Daily Pageviews: 359
Daily Revenue: $ 0.54

Monthly Visits: 2,339
Monthly Pageviews: 10,757
Monthly Revenue: $ 16

Yearly Visits: 28,063
Yearly Pageviews: 129,089
Annual Earnings: $ 192

Estimated website worth: $ 212

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I'll give €25 and a half eaten sandwich. That's my final offer.

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How much is worth?

These are estimated numbers that are calculated by using various criteria.

earnings day

earnings per day,
$ 0.39
earnings month

earnings per month,
$ 12
website worth

estimated worth,
$ 144

WOW Score for : 1.59 out of 5

32 / 100 WOW Score

Daily Visits: 56
Daily Pageviews: 258
Daily Revenue: $ 0.39

Monthly Visits: 1,683
Monthly Pageviews: 7,744
Monthly Revenue: $ 12

Yearly Visits: 20,201
Yearly Pageviews: 92,923
Annual Earnings: $ 144

Estimated website worth: $ 144

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“I am not one of those weak-spirited, sappy Americans (or Alex's) who want to be liked by all the people around them. I don’t care if people hate my guts; I assume most of them do. The important question is whether they are in a position to do anything about it. My affections, being concentrated over a few people, are not spread all over Hell in a vile attempt to placate sulky, worthless shits.”

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I think the problems between myself and other users of Crackyhouse may be traceable back, ultimately, to this idea that is circulating that I am a sort of "one-dimensional man": a pure intellectual who has no interest in sports and other outdoor activities.

This is entirely false. I early on developed a proficiency in several manly physical activities, thanks to my father, who used regularly to take me on hunting and fishing trips into the great redwood forests of the South Croydon and Bromley areas. Still today, forty years later, I am a crack shot with both rifle and pistol.

I realize that it will be hard, particularly in the present emotional climate, for CH users to take this merely on trust, and the Internet is by definition not a medium in which the truth of such claims can be demonstrated.

I would be more than happy to demonstrate the last-mentioned skill "irl", though, by means of a little public performance I worked out years ago with my wife of the time (who would be only too happy to testify to my marksmanship herself, were she not presently indisposed).

Obviously, for that, I would need a volunteer who lives within a manageable distance. Almost anyone would do.

How about you, pretty, tomboyish young woman in the moderator's cap?

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But seriously: Since there clearly are one or two users of this board who have the culture, insight and discernment to recognize the points of analogy and affinity between Burroughs and myself, I can only wish you'd pipe up now and again in the Tinychat when I am being besieged and devoured alone against tremendous odds, like lion by a pack of jackals in a George Stubbs painting.

I am indeed, not only in terms of age, a man very much like William Burroughs - someone who is daily at grips with a sorrow too deep for tears but who has the dignity and strength to forge on through the darkness like Duerer's Knight flanked by Death and the Devil, and to allow his pain and sadness to show forth only in the infinitely melancholy cadences of his prose. And 95% of the other users of this site appear, not only in terms of age, to be people very much like the unfortunate and pathetic William Burroughs Jr., who inherited the same terrible sorrow but not the ability to master it and turn it into art, and lived out his short, ugly life as a burden to himself and others, seething with resentment and self-pity and depemdent on drugs and medication to a depth that his father, for all his much-publicized addictions, never was.

For all that, though, I suppose,yes, there IS a dumb appeal for compassion - an appeal directed, maybe, only to those very "few people" mentioned in the OP's post - even in the sword-sticks, revolvers, and "cold eye cast on life and death" of the elder, much greater Burroughs. The three hours of savage bitterness in the Tinychat occurred immediately after a typical 30-second apparition of Stephanie's and - much as I sympathize and concur with the "hard-boiled" attitude that Burroughs borrowed from Chandler and Hammett - I cannot, in all honesty, deny to others or myself that there was a direct connection between the two.

My love, my love, there is a limit to the suffering and fruitless longing that even a heart like mine can bear. Please, let us put aside our masks at last and let our hearts speak the frank and secret language that is theirs alone.

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Olivia's nose looks so mesmerizing here.

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Fuck you kimi. You are only a mod cos gackto is a friendzonefag but you never contributed with anything to CH.

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Or perhaps you should just leave this place, as nobody goes to .71 anymore on account of your endless spamming and sockpuppetry. Go be lonlely someplace else.

pic related.

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you seem to think you talk for everyone here, and there, but you sure dont talk for this nigga

link related:

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>>23 nigger sockpuppet detected.

Everyone fucking hates you, and not in the good way either.

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Of course you would say so. But regardless of what remains but your opinion on Crackypasta, the fact remains that there exist a tentative de facto separation of "church and state" between .71 and CH, one that relies on reasonable people not biting to your constant calls to arms. It sometimes is touch and go, but for the most part, it works.

Which is why >>23 is right, u mad, u so mad...

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is this the kimi thread? when i came across this pic, i had to think of her.

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Post your battlestations !

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I approve of the Franz von Stuck painting :)

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I went to his "Villa Stuck" in Munich and it was really inspirational and impressive...if you ever happen to go to Munich, I highly recommend checking it out. That area is beautiful overall, with the golden angel statue "Friedensengel" and a river etc...gorgeous.

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Don't listen to him. Munich is for old people, the nouvelle richesse, or Lederhosen afficionados. Except if it is October, then it is for drunken Australians. Berlin or Hamburg is a much better place to visit, should you ever happen to be in Germany.

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Dear Olivia. I sometimes feel as if I’ve given birth to this imageboard. Somewhere, between the internet and our subconscious fears a split opened up and it beached remotely here. No matter how hard I correlate, it remains a singularity, an alpha point in my life that refuses all hypothesis. I return each time leaving fresh shitposts that I hope, in the full glare of my hopelessness, will have blossomed into fresh insight in the interim. Dear Olivia. The oldfags do not land here anymore; I’ve noticed that this year, they seem to shun the place. Maybe it’s the depletion of the rares driving them away. Perhaps it’s me. When he first started this board, Jeffu wrote that the namefags were sickly and their anons the lowest of the miserable classes that populate these online islands. 7 years later, even they have departed. Dear Olivia. I have lost track of how long I have been here, and how many visits I have made overall. Certainly, the landmarks are now so familiar to me that I have to remind myself to actually see the forms and shapes in front of me. I could stumble blind across these deadboards, the edges of these precipices, without fear of missing my step and plummeting down to sea. Besides, I have always considered that if one is to fall, it is critical to keep one’s eyes firmly open.

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