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googleadsense: no, I'm just monitoring. Waiting for cgl to invade.
[5:19 PM] alex: who are cgl?
[5:21 PM] alex: I suppose it must be related to the little Lia-centred circle-jerk
[5:21 PM] googleadsense: you saw that, huh.
[5:21 PM] alex: that is all that ever goes on here at present
[5:21 PM] googleadsense: oh, I see.
[5:21 PM] googleadsense: no, then.
[5:22 PM] alex: so do I actually get an answer to my question?
[5:22 PM] alex: or is the hate and vanity choking you?
[5:22 PM] googleadsense: are you going to calm your shit?
[5:22 PM] googleadsense: you don't even know who I am and I don't even know what that means.
[5:23 PM] alex: The question "who are cgl?" was a perfectly calm question
[5:23 PM] alex: I get "sitty" when someone ignores a perfectly polite question
[5:23 PM] googleadsense: I was referring to the unnecessary comment about being choked by hate and vanity.
[5:23 PM] googleadsense: cgl is a 4chan board and you must be alex.
[5:24 PM] alex: how on earth did you penetrate my deceitful ways and discover THAT to be the case?
[5:24 PM] alex: why would "cgl" invade?
[5:24 PM] googleadsense: alex
[5:24 PM] googleadsense: I'm here to watch out for ophelia
[5:24 PM] googleadsense: not to argue with you.
[5:24 PM] alex: as I say, Lia-drama, I suppose
[5:24 PM] googleadsense: maybe mero will be along later.
[5:25 PM] alex: don't you Lia Gang people feel a certain responsiblity for having utterly ruined this plac
[5:25 PM] alex: e?
[5:26 PM] alex: you have driven absolutely everyone away with your pandering to that silly little girl's
[5:26 PM] alex: narcissism
[5:26 PM] alex: now apparently, you have some stupid little "invasion" feud going
[5:27 PM] alex: probably because one of her teenie Lolita besties said a bad thing about her somewhere
[5:27 PM] alex: don't you remember when this used to be a CHAT room?
[5:28 PM] alex: when people talked about other things besides Lia's latest false eyelashes
[5:29 PM] alex: why the fuck do Jeff and Kimi keep this corpse of a place going for you lot, I wonder
[5:30 PM] alex: neither of them would give the time of day to that tarty little chav with her silly
[5:30 PM] alex: pretentions and her ugly dresses
[5:30 PM] googleadsense: what is your problem?
[5:30 PM] alex: and yet they let her play with her infantile little friends in their living room all day
[5:30 PM] googleadsense: you huge, oozing cunt?
[5:31 PM] alex: It just depresses me when anything of this sort happens, regardless of the particullar
[5:31 PM] alex: case
[5:31 PM] googleadsense: I don't care. No one does.
[5:32 PM] alex: No, of course, all you care about is Lia's nail extensions
[5:32 PM] alex: it's pretty sad
[5:32 PM] googleadsense: Yes that's all I care about in life.
[5:32 PM] remi left the room.
[5:32 PM] guest-230178 entered the room.
[5:32 PM] googleadsense: I do nothing but worship lia's nail extensions.
[5:32 PM] googleadsense: I'm not sure what the fuck nail extensions are but I worship them.
[5:32 PM] guest-230178 changed nickname to remi
[5:32 PM] alex: well, you admitted yourself that you are not in this chatroom to chat
[5:33 PM] alex: you are here to "watch out for Lia"
[5:33 PM] alex: which I presume means to slaver all over her while she talks about herself
[5:33 PM] alex: as soon as she arrives
[5:34 PM] googleadsense: she won't be arriving, you fat fuck.
[5:34 PM] alex: as I say, it's just sad to see an obsessive little clique take over anywhere
[5:34 PM] alex: and make it their exclusive pissing ground
[5:34 PM] googleadsense: go away then.
[5:35 PM] alex: I will.....but its just healthy to remind you what you've done now and again
[5:35 PM] alex: you're a little group of dung beetles squatting on an abandoned pile of dung
[5:36 PM] alex: there used to be several interesting girls who used this chatroom
[5:36 PM] alex: none of them ever do now, because they all - quite rightly - despise Lia
[5:36 PM] alex: as a narcissistic little piece of trash
[5:37 PM] alex: who cannot tolerate any discussion about anything except herself
[5:37 PM] guest-230235 entered the room.
[5:37 PM] guest-230235 left the room.
[5:37 PM] alex: that you pander to her is fucking pathetic
[5:37 PM] alex: but good luck to you
[5:37 PM] alex: you sad idiot
[5:37 PM] guest-230247 entered the room.
[5:38 PM] alex left the room

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So... why are you still here if you hate us all and it's a shithole?

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I hate how he makes a dramatic statement and then leaves before anyway can respond to it.
It's so fucking god damn childish.

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Alex, the whole Crackyverse is perfectly aware you are the main reasons why Camel and Dolly and gone. You really should shut the fuck up about it.

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File: 1335241307961.png -(64163 B, 727x496) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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wishful thinking.

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Jeff wants to suck Tupacs unwashed dick so bad, it's embarrassing.

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Cracky liked 50 Cent and had images of him in her scm files. Relevant.

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File: 1335038665043.jpg -(166903 B, 600x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



homo-erotic? not sure what you're up on, dog. one of the most gangsta. one of the most intelligent. one of the best businessmen. one of the most charitable people. look up his vitamin water and other business deals. look up what hes doing for children in africa with the street king project. real recognize real.

That has nothing to do with him being liking the cawk, really, does it...

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File: 1335258674094.jpg -(27416 B, 280x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Doo-dah. Doo-dah.

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File: 1335258874925.jpg -(19817 B, 282x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's all a conspiracy by Jeff to turn all of CH as gay as he is so he won't feel bad about it.

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CH's camwhores (Kimi, camel, Loli...) are destroying this community.

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>> No.6  

Yes, I see your point.

The "threads from today" contained an unhealthily large amount of that well-known and typical symptom of mental illness: rational argument.

Whereas YOUR contribution reasserts the style of discourse most closely associated with those of sound mind and keen unclouded intelligence, namely: writing "This is fucking shit" and immediately running away.

>> No.7  


No, I mean post some crackies because this is a board about crackies.

I apologise but I have no ulterior motive. I have a very small crackies folder.

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File: 1335044550190.png -(915 B, 119x176) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


No they aren't.



>> No.9  

of course.
carry on, old man

File: 1335139387331.jpg -(56218 B, 640x853) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Reminds me of cracky

File: 1335134469698.jpg -(31357 B, 500x404) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Hey there, black cock fans...

>> No.2  

nice, a box of impotent troll raeg...

File: 1335042911782.jpg -(66987 B, 401x332) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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This is the end of Cracky House as we know it.

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File: 1335045745859.jpg -(55168 B, 640x481) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1335132146303.jpg -(176745 B, 1320x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

someone posted a link to this, but it appears to have been deleted, so i'll just post a censored screenshot to go with my remarks.

wow, it took me such a long time to recognise camel, and schwill also looks pretty different without hair.
Do you have more vids like this?

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Nope, that was the only tinychat conversation I recorded.

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>[5:26 PM] alex: now apparently, you have some >stupid little "invasion" feud going
>[5:27 PM] alex: probably because one of her >teenie Lolita besties said a bad thing about >her somewhere
>[5:27 PM] alex: don't you remember when this >used to be a CHAT room?
>[5:28 PM] alex: when people talked about other >things besides Lia's latest false eyelashes


>> No.3  

Yep hes totally right. Alex should be mod again, ironicaly he's more related to CH than Kimi.

>> No.4  

Go away Alex, you're not related to CH, you don't like Cracky.

File: 1335029980898.jpg -(200468 B, 930x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Jeff and Kimi do you hate us

we love you

pls respond

>> No.2  

Of course I don't hate you, Lia and your friends, Mousie, or in any way look down upon you. That nasty old cash-dispenser of my flatmate's is just being a big silly again.

I mean, I live in a large, loft-style creative commune in the most fashionable bohemian district of one of the most fashionable cities in the world with a dozen graduates of Oxford and Cambridge and you lot live in shabby little flats above grocer's shops in dull provincial cities with spotty talentless losers who barely got into ex-polytechnics.

I am an athletically good-looking, effortlessly stylish metropolitan Lesbian from an upper-middle class family in Oxford who now hangs out at the coolest clubs, bars and art galleries of the capital, and you are a bunch of chavvy-looking, over-made-up, immature slags from various filthy vulgar hell-holes where they still keep the coal in the bath who come up to London for a "girls' day out" every couple of months and teeter ridiculously around Chinatown on your six-inch heels clinging onto each other for support and having yourself photographed giggling outside newsagents.

What possible reason would I have to look down on you?

>> No.3  

Six inch heels with lolita? You must be going mad Alex.

>> No.4  


Alex, I don't think you get it, if kimi's life is actually like that she wouldn't think twice about any of that shit. She'd be thankful for all the shit she has, she wouldn't make it negative by lording it over everyone else. That's your area of expertise.

Besides all that, you are so wrong about my whole life it hurts my brain.
Now can you answer my question?

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Welcome, /cgl/ stalkers.

On second thoughts, fuck off. Do you think a site dedicated to worshipping Cracky-chan is kiddies' playtime where we all sit around licking Barney the Dinosaur's pussy?

I'll say it again: Fuck. Off. We don't want your dirty whore vags tainting Cracky's place.

>> No.2  

crackyhouse is srs bznz
you can tell from the tupac music

>> No.3  

Leave your vendetta at the door, bitch.

You really aren't welcome here.

>> No.4  


This. We will cut you and eat your flesh.

>> No.5  

Music? I hear nothing.

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